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Love engenders Inspiration

Since October started, there is a picture everyday on Facebook via Instagram and people think I am flaunting too much... Oh Boy!!!SO ya hey I'm Flaunting ....:) my photography skills.

Now the reason behind it is InFB { Click to know more } They came up with this pretty cool challenge where in we have to post a picture everyday in the month of October according to the theme and voila a picture everyday.

We are now down with 24 days and it has been so much fun to see so many bloggers Instagraming everyday with a whole new perception. If you want to follow the flaunting brand wagon ;) then use #octoberwithinfb on Instagram. Last week and then the challenge will be over, I am so gonna miss it :(

This challenge also made me realize how  much I like well Love blogging. During the day 22 theme: Inspiration I let me self into a trans by thinking hard. What inspires me, all of us, anyone of us to keep moving ahead??
Family!? Yes.
Friends!? Yes.
Fame!? Yes.  True all the three F's in o…

all OK to Work in OK, USA from me (;

Who likes to work? If given an option wouldn't all prefer to hatch eggs and earn money out of it? 
But YES we do have to work for:-
Mainly Money, for the survival stuff to start with then the  loans, then the bills and blah blah..Followed by Prestige, obviously when you earn then you WANT more rather than what you NEED. Big House, Big Car and Big Bank balance.and then at last, probably others might differ here still, Satisfaction. 

Few people who fortunately or luck by chance  chose the right career path say, "I work cause I Love to Work."
As for me, well currently on a Friday where I am still not finished with my task sheet aka  not in a best mood still, I like to work cause it gives me a chance to travel and see, learn & experience new things everyday. Good or Bad, undecided; but yet I learn and that keeps me on toes. 
In fact blogging came as a hobby to me through my work and I love it :) Bonus for me is that Hubby also gets to travel through his work. Well, he do…

bORA Bora with FRIENDS!

Life bloody hell takes a toll on our thinking and our understanding about Life. With each passing phase people come and go. Some leave a mark while some get erased from your memory like shift+control+delete. Some become friends, some good friends and some true friends.
How to place a person in these categories? Are such categories necessary? Why do we categorize in first place? How do we realize who is going to be with us for the rest of our life? If a friend calls you everyday then do they care about you more? If a friend is far off and doesn't exchange notes quite often but the minute you chat or call the distance dissolves then do they care about you less? 
Done with the questions, Yes. Now the answers. 
Every person who steps into your life teaches you to be the better person, of course you can choose other wise but considering you start becoming the better person then you get affiliated to the person. The more you get affectionate the more you categorize. The more you share …

Promise to Blog, with You!

One fine working afternoon Hubby sends across few snaps on what's app and typed, "Out for lunch with colleagues at a restaurant near office, Clicked few snaps for the blog" 
AAhh! a very romantic moment for me. Well he promised to be there for me always, in happiness, in sadness, in sickness, in health and now in Blogging as well!! Thank you, Love.