See you soon, Ganesha!

When I disappear from the blogging world for a week or two, don't worry be happy, as you are about to get something (rocking (very subjective) material) to read...well or simply some good snaps to see.

Hubby-n-Me were busy first with Krishna Janmashtami and then followed by Ganesh Chaturthi as both festivals were on working days, weekends were packed with the preparations hence no blogging time but I clicked a lot of snaps which makes my today's post.

Today Anant chaturdashi, last day of the Ganapati Festival. We bid goodbye to our dearest deity with teary eyes and smiling faces praying for an early return next year with lots of Modaks.
                     Hope you had a lovely stay, Gannu. Miss you. Come early next time.

Our Gannu's fellow mates at the workshop.

Our Gannu came from Saphale, Maharastra on the way back this was our view while getting him home.

Our Friend Ganesha


My traditional attire for ऑस्से पूजन 

That's Kaivalya, My 1 year old Nephew, Hogging on the Prasad Laddu.

See You Soon.

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