Rendezvous @t Renaissance

Q: What is my idea of a classic evening 'Date'????
A: My idea of a classic evening 'Date" is as follows:-

  1. next day off from work
  2. no cell phone range
  3. decked up in best of outfits
  4. hush hush yet serene location
  5. warm and welcoming ambiance
  6. exquisite wine n dine option
  7. smiling faces to serve
  8. and a darling companion to enjoy this lovely evening with.
Hubby-n-Me got a chance to spend a romantic evening date at Renaissance, Powai last weekend  just the way I like and oH! My, what a lovely memory. 

The drive to the location is within reach; even in peek Mumbai Traffic hour plus it is bang opposite the Powai Lake which is a treat to the eyes and while I'm talking about treats, the main catch for the evening was a delicious Prosecco Wine.....patience my readers the wine review will come soon ;) .... and the food buffet with all the yumm-ness from various regions. The staff was enthusiast about serving everyone of us which made us have more delicacies than our tummy could handle. 

So does Renaissance fit my idea of a classic date, oH boy it exceeded!! Why? Because :) :) :)
it made a milestone for the Blog as well, 150th post friends. Thumbs up all the way!!

Drive through the Gates to a Food Party :P

Wine is Poetry
So we got Poetic with Prosecco Wine

Coconut Cake

Baked Yogurt

Lemon Tart

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