AT THE TOP of Burj Khalifa; Happy and High

Always thought of getting really HIGH! on a vacation trip??!!! :) ;) Me too,always think of that! :P  :) :) but this time around I really, really went very High! 
Approximately 830 m High almost AT THE TOP, where I could just touch the sky. 

Not really touch the sky cause the observatory deck, AT THE TOP of Burj Khalifa, is secured with glass cage and bloody hell it has to be at 830 m ground seems like a mirage. 

By far The tallest man-made building built is a must watch for its infrastructure, technology and getting High to 830 m in just a minute. Yep, the escalator takes you AT THE TOP observatory within a minute. Word of Cation: Cover your ears while going up in the lift, High Altitude fellas.

Burj Khalifa is located inside Dubai Mall so this is my advice. Plan your day at the Dubai Mall and then in evening catch the escalator to the observatory. Once you are back on the ground and wandered through the mall you are about to have tired feet. So go to the Burj Lake and grab a good seat and enjoy the musical fountains. Also make sure to book your tickets online in advance that helps in saving lot of cash which you can then splurge at the restaurant while watching the fountains sing and dance for 20 mins. Souvenirs are expensive AT THE TOP so I would suggest grab your monuments from Carrefour center. 

Now, for my photographer buddies carry your night lenses and girls dress in bright colors to get a good snap.The low light at the observatory makes it difficult to get a good shot but my Hubby dearest managed to get few good clicks through his Sony Xperia J for us bloggers. So have a look AT THE TOP! 


Thank you for reading! Do Let us know your views.