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Rendezvous @t Renaissance

Q: What is my idea of a classic evening 'Date'???? A: My idea of a classic evening 'Date" is as follows:-
next day off from workno cell phone rangedecked up in best of outfitshush hush yet serene locationwarm and welcoming ambianceexquisite wine n dine optionsmiling faces to serveand a darling companion to enjoy this lovely evening with. Hubby-n-Me got a chance to spend a romantic evening date at Renaissance, Powai last weekend  just the way I like and oH! My, what a lovely memory. 
The drive to the location is within reach; even in peek Mumbai Traffic hour plus it is bang opposite the Powai Lake which is a treat to the eyes and while I'm talking about treats, the main catch for the evening was a delicious Prosecco Wine.....patience my readers the wine review will come soon ;) .... and the food buffet with all the yumm-ness from various regions. The staff was enthusiast about serving everyone of us which made us have more delicacies than our tummy could handle. 

Tasty Tuesday Treat

Sugar free delight, Simple to make, Sweet yet very filmy Sevaiyan aka Vermicelli Kheer.

In love with Pasta @Pizzahut

When we talk about being made-for-each other, we usually hint at something two people have inevitably common opinion about.

We both ,'We' means Hubby-n-Me; I guess you all should know that by NOW!!, instantly knew we were made-for-each other when we first met at Pizza-hut and ordered for Pasta instead of Pizza. Smile/laugh all you want but that's True,we clicked over food especially Italian Pasta. Why you think I changed the blog title from 'The Stories' to 'Crazy Foodie's on Toes'?? ;)

We first met in Pizza-hut, discussed about each other over garlic bread, agreed to marry each other over pasta garden salad and Veg Caesar salad, ceased the deal for us. 
We went back there last weekend to celebrate our one year of togetherness and we fell in love all over again. 

Kindly note this, Pizza-hut offers Veg Caesar salad, just ask them not to add the chicken pieces.They do it happily for you my vegetarian fellow-mates.  
A sweet conversation should end on a sw…

See you soon, Ganesha!

When I disappear from the blogging world for a week or two, don't worry be happy, as you are about to get something (rocking (very subjective) material) to read...well or simply some good snaps to see.
Hubby-n-Me were busy first with Krishna Janmashtami and then followed by Ganesh Chaturthi as both festivals were on working days, weekends were packed with the preparations hence no blogging time but I clicked a lot of snaps which makes my today's post.
Today Anant chaturdashi, last day of the Ganapati Festival. We bid goodbye to our dearest deity with teary eyes and smiling faces praying for an early return next year with lots of Modaks.                      Hope you had a lovely stay, Gannu. Miss you. Come early next time.

Our Gannu came from Saphale, Maharastra on the way back this was our view while getting him home.

AT THE TOP of Burj Khalifa; Happy and High

Always thought of getting really HIGH! on a vacation trip??!!! :) ;) Me too,always think of that! :P  :) :) but this time around I really, really went very High!  Approximately 830 m High almost AT THE TOP, where I could just touch the sky. 
Not really touch the sky cause the observatory deck, AT THE TOP of Burj Khalifa, is secured with glass cage and bloody hell it has to be at 830 m ground seems like a mirage. 
By far The tallest man-made building built is a must watch for its infrastructure, technology and getting High to 830 m in just a minute. Yep, the escalator takes you AT THE TOP observatory within a minute. Word of Cation: Cover your ears while going up in the lift, High Altitude fellas.
Burj Khalifa is located inside Dubai Mall so this is my advice. Plan your day at the Dubai Mall and then in evening catch the escalator to the observatory. Once you are back on the ground and wandered through the mall you are about to have tired feet. So go to the Burj Lake and grab a good se…