Mock-a-tale with Mocktails

Fasting month for most of us in India, with Janmashtami and Ganesh Festival coming soon so no Wine Reviews this month.

But the drinks are still on..he he... the non-alcoholic way... I am suddenly in love with the mock-tails. I have a very sensitive nose and throat; a little ice and they malfunction instantly; hence whenever my body if free of flue I indulge into mock-tails and make sure the rest of the clan dinning with me follows... this ways I get to taste minimum of two mock-tails.

Mock-tails are expensive true but they are excellent palate cleansers plus they are so colorful and healthy. I had a melon mock-tail at Copper Chimney and it was fab.

Please note: I can't stand melon and Yet! I could drink it rather relish it so kudos to the chef.

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Mock-tails pictures courtesy from Copper Chimney- Oberoi Mall and Rain Forest- RCity Mall.


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