Desert Safari with Belly dance and Sheesha

Q: Why is a Land Cruiser called a Land Cruiser?

Ans:  You will know once your aboard in a desert safari. The car surf's through the sand dunes giving you a feeling of hitting a wild ocean in a row boat. I might sound scary but it is very safe just put your seat belt on. Of-course definitely not for the weak heart but a must try for all adventure enthusiasts. Ask your Hotel reception to connect you with one of the desert safari tours they will tackle the rest all you need to do is not have a heavy lunch and ya obviously pay them.

Desert safari comprises of a ride through the sand dunes during sunset cause the heat is low and the atmosphere is set just about right for the local entertainers to charm you with their stunts. An oasis is set admits the desert where you are all set to enjoy a good evening.

Once you reach the location you are welcomed with Arabian music, sheesha and barbecue along with cocktails. Pick a location close to the stage just in case if you want to join in to dance.

A buffet dinner is spread out both veg and non veg after the artists have performed. The music, local cuisine and the desert's night coolness makes it a awesome evening to recall every time you see a Land Cruiser pass by you.


  1. Amazing photographs!

    1. Thanku Jahid it is indeed a tough task to click while the cruise is in voyage but we managed to get few steady shots


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