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Mock-a-tale with Mocktails

Fasting month for most of us in India, with Janmashtami and Ganesh Festival coming soon so no Wine Reviews this month.

But the drinks are still on..he he... the non-alcoholic way... I am suddenly in love with the mock-tails. I have a very sensitive nose and throat; a little ice and they malfunction instantly; hence whenever my body if free of flue I indulge into mock-tails and make sure the rest of the clan dinning with me follows... this ways I get to taste minimum of two mock-tails.

Mock-tails are expensive true but they are excellent palate cleansers plus they are so colorful and healthy. I had a melon mock-tail at Copper Chimney and it was fab.

Please note: I can't stand melon and Yet! I could drink it rather relish it so kudos to the chef.

Mock-tails pictures courtesy from Copper Chimney- Oberoi Mall and Rain Forest- RCity Mall.

Moonlight v/s Traffic lights

A gorgeous moonlight also failed to fight with Mumbai's maddening traffic.  Don't worry moon honey someday both of us would win against Mumbai traffic.

ONLY VEG! from himshree's kitchen henceforth.....

Last Sunday was a quite, "Homely Sunday" i.e. being home on a Sunday.Thoroughly, absolutely, enjoyed it. Just being home on a weekend doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, oiling my hair, watching television,downloading songs, listening to them, singing along with hubby....aah! A perfect Sunday. 
With all the above activities I was simultaneously chit chatting with my friends on whats app. Informed them that I was cooking Palak Paneer and then spontaneously asked them to join ... well which was impossible cause they live in Thane and me in Borivali, a decade's distance; those who know will understand what I am writing. 
To my invitation a friend replied, " NO..(but obvious) Plan and invite for Non-veg" I said, I am a Vegetarian Now! and there was a sudden roar of questions from other wise a very silent chat group. 
Why?  Are you serious? For What?  Did hubby asked to quit? 
I have faced these questions ever since I decided to go veg after marraige so about time to a…

Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club

Bollywood films and it's filmy action have always intrigued every Indian. Especially movies which depict our armed forces. They always trigger more sense of loyalty towards our country. A younger me always wanted to win a Filmfare award ; well some part of me still silently hopes.  I wanted to win the best actress but for a smart chick action movie well something like Tomb Raider types. 
Wearing fitted jeans, big boots, holding guns, fast cars, looking slim ...gasp... see ...this is what I love about dreams they can create an air about you and you just want to drift away. Trust me till date I have only been able to hit my bro Shree but that was like decades ago. Aaah miss those days.
Today we celebrate our Independence Day and that made me write this post all the more. I am not going to make anyone guilty of spending the day at home sleeping or cleaning up your house while you watch television cause even I am doing the same. 
It is your Freedom day, spend it as you Feel Free!
But …

Desert Safari with Belly dance and Sheesha

Q: Why is a Land Cruiser called a Land Cruiser?

Ans:  You will know once your aboard in a desert safari. The car surf's through the sand dunes giving you a feeling of hitting a wild ocean in a row boat. I might sound scary but it is very safe just put your seat belt on. Of-course definitely not for the weak heart but a must try for all adventure enthusiasts. Ask your Hotel reception to connect you with one of the desert safari tours they will tackle the rest all you need to do is not have a heavy lunch and ya obviously pay them.

Desert safari comprises of a ride through the sand dunes during sunset cause the heat is low and the atmosphere is set just about right for the local entertainers to charm you with their stunts. An oasis is set admits the desert where you are all set to enjoy a good evening.

Once you reach the location you are welcomed with Arabian music, sheesha and barbecue along with cocktails. Pick a location close to the stage just in case if you want to join in to d…

Trip advisory for U.A.E

Few days back my school friend buzzed me on Facebook asking to help her out to plan out a vacation for her parents in Dubai as I had recently visited. So came the idea for this post and the posts to be followed for sometime.

I have been to U.A.E twice once in 1998 and now in 2013.Typical flashback kind off feeling. 15 year's Later she came back ..... lol!

What I saw then was also overwhelming, What I saw this visit was over the top overwhelming cause this time I understood what I was seeing. As a kid anything cleaner, brighter and mightier had a wow factor. As an adult you have certain sets of specifications in your subconscious to approve any place and it's people plus every adult is different hence permutations in perceptions. But U.A.E has bit for everyone across the  age groups, across tastes and across budgets.

I am listing down places I visited and I loved. You can choose your pick

Dessert Safari with belly dance and sheeshaSharjah Golf and Shooting ClubBurj KhalifaDubai…

Mumbai Rains on the Go

Just like its People...