Wine Review: Jacob's Creek Sauvignon Blanc

Trying something New, keeps the blog and me both, ALIVE! So today trying my hands on describing a wine I relished on as part of my second post graduation celebrations with family. But there is a slight issue, I really don't know the parameters on which a wine is reviewed upon. So I just Google-d  (high time dictionary should accept 'googled' as a word, hopefully someday) up what the maker's have to say about their produce and i'll say yes/no according to my relishing session.  

Wine Name: Jacob's Creek Reserve Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills

The name of the wine apparently has to be decoded first in order to understand what is a preferred temperature to drink it cause wine's texture taste and fragrance changes the moment to chill it or open it. So this baby came from South Australia (Adelaide Hills) and Green Grapes (Sauvignon Blanc).

Color: White well frosty white

Taste according to Makers : "A full flavored Sauvignon Blanc style showing appealing sweet tropical and grapefruit flavours across the palate which are finely interwoven with a crisp acidity and balanced textural finish."

Taste according to Me: The moment I sipped it was sourish and very acidic now the moment you lure the wine around you taste buds it gives you a sweet tang as you drink it up.I found it bit edgy for a white wine cause it was a 2012 release and a vintage collection so it had matured good enough probably a fresh stock would be lighter on the palate. Now, my hubby found the edginess absolutely fine so basically that will vary from person to person.

I also read that the glass, the temperature and the food pairing with it also matters to improve the taste of the wine, well I got the glass and temperature right but as I was already in a celebration mode so did not care what I was hogging on with the gorgeous wine but then that's My Next-New-Thing to look forward.

Million Dollar Question, the Price?I bought this from Dubai Duty Free for approx 52-56 AED so approx it come to 800-900 INR which is very reasonable for such brilliantly textured wine. It is not available in India hence if you are travelling and you come across this beauty do indulge and if you have a celebration coming up then a must must buy.

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  1. Elegant!
    Nicely written (implicitly means well tasted or shall I say Savored :) )!

    Women and Wines are always fascinating, even separately.

    Together... well it depends on your taste buds :)


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