Hum Tum Plane Mein

Saw the video ???

Exact same thing happened, well not exact but similar. I was flying back home, ALONE!!! I know all you 'single-ready-to-mingle' minds out there just too well so stop thinking.

Well its different now, I am married and I hate travelling alone now, I kept missing my hubby and hating the fact there was another disgusted man sitting besides me. Had it been Saif or someone like him, well then this story would had different start.

Coming back to the disgusted man, he was ALRIGHT Indian but I am not revealing anything further on caste creed color criteria. He removed his Shoes and revealed his Stinking Socks. I Know....yaaaaks unbearable. He was apparently flying for the second time in a flight so he was unaware of the facilities and immigration formalities and of course every time looked with a hope that I might interact with him but his gross stinky socks had me facing the clouds out of my window all the time.

When food came I exactly behaved like Rani in the above scene, ditto. Stylish with full panache and he became more uncomfortable but yet,yet he did not wear his shoes back, Grossssss :(

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