Heavy Chilli's

When on a vacation, one must always indulge into something 'un-routine-ish', well that is the whole point of having a vacation in the first place, right? So we did a Veg-Tex-Mex at the Chilli's Sharjah. We had good one hour  or rather food hour (as quoted by hubby) before the beginning of World War Z , the movie of course. 

True to its brand identity, a huge red Chilli was hanging up in the air.  Colorful traditional Chilli's mosaic tables, smoky sizzler's mostly steaks or chicken ordered by most diners, cute kids nibbling on boiled corn and  non alcoholic margarita's are prominent views to watch out in the restaurant. 

Now, how is the food? Well Vegetarians survived in a chicken and steak restaurant in fact we were on the verge to burst out due the lack of knowledge on the quantity. Every dish ordered was filling and contempt-full. Not Spicy at all. It was cheesy and fatty totally fit for a last day of the vacation. Just make sure when you order food order one of their mock-tails to cleanse the palate in between. Winner dish was  Texas Cheese Poppers, OMG, hot crispy balls with molten lava of cheese within which runs smoothly on your tongue, slurp slurp. So with cheese appetizer at the very start, followed by Fajita and Quesadilla, Oh Boy, no room left for the movie pop corn at all.

Heavy Chilli's

Symbolic Chilli's Dine Out

Texas Cheese Poppers 

Traditional lemon-lime Margarita

Flavored Iced Tea

Veggie Quesadilla

Fire Roasted Veggies Fajita

Side kick to Fajita-Classic Mexican Salad

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