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Wine Review: Vallonne Vineyards Rose

Being diplomatic is always been one of my virtues and to see the same in wine is a pleasure. This is a diplomatic wine,  middle way out between white and red, Blush wine.

I am more in favor of the White wines cause of their texture and crisp dry aroma but I also like the Red wine's color and hint of sweetness. Told you diplomacy is one of my virtues. I want best of both the worlds. Blush or Rose Wine is a blend of white's texture,aroma while the color and sweettness comes from the red.

Wine Name: Vallonne Vineyards Rose Cabernet Sauvignon

Taste according to maker's : This full bodied, delicate, refreshing wine has enticing notes of cherry, plum, melons and berries. Vibrant, crisp and lively, it's perfect anytime, anywhere.

Taste according to me: Maker's said the wine is  refreshing well so it was. No pungent thud on the nostrils, No harsh sweetness. No white wine edginess. No red wine dehydration. It's plain refreshing. Of course it is not very classy but for a pa…

Conversation Coffee

Two hours before a flight,
Two cups of coffee and
Two friends meeting after six months with changed attitudes, behaviours and even names.  Whatever you deal in life good or bad it is only in front of a friend you are able to accept it and move ahead. Accepting current scenarios is required in order to try to change either the situation or oneself and Only a friend can help you accept it. So this weekend head out to nearest coffee shop and call your friend before facing Monday blues tommorow.

Feasting while Fasting

Who say's fasting is a gruesome affair? You can have a complete feast while you fast. We got a local take-away-Maharashtrian restaurant name Godwa which offers delicacies  fit for the king. Have a look.
Menu for Ashadi Ekadashi Fast:

Rajgira PuriPotato SabjiSabudana KhchadiGroundnut CurryLemon PicklePappadVari Rice And people this was a Mini Thali for 75/- INR ( Approx 1.26$). The Big Thali had Sabudana Kheer and Sweet Potato Mash in it. So I am waiting for the next fast, how about you??

Wine Review: Jacob's Creek Sauvignon Blanc

Trying something New, keeps the blog and me both, ALIVE! So today trying my hands on describing a wine I relished on as part of my second post graduation celebrations with family. But there is a slight issue, I really don't know the parameters on which a wine is reviewed upon. So I just Google-d  (high time dictionary should accept 'googled' as a word, hopefully someday) up what the maker's have to say about their produce and i'll say yes/no according to my relishing session.  
Wine Name: Jacob's Creek Reserve Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills

The name of the wine apparently has to be decoded first in order to understand what is a preferred temperature to drink it cause wine's texture taste and fragrance changes the moment to chill it or open it. So this baby came from South Australia (Adelaide Hills) and Green Grapes (Sauvignon Blanc).

Color: White well frosty white

Taste according to Makers : "A full flavored Sauvignon Blanc style showing appealing sweet t…

Heavy Chilli's

When on a vacation, one must always indulge into something 'un-routine-ish', well that is the whole point of having a vacation in the first place, right? So we did a Veg-Tex-Mex at the Chilli's Sharjah. We had good one hour  or rather food hour (as quoted by hubby) before the beginning of World War Z , the movie of course. 

True to its brand identity, a huge red Chilli was hanging up in the air.  Colorful traditional Chilli's mosaic tables, smoky sizzler's mostly steaks or chicken ordered by most diners, cute kids nibbling on boiled corn and  non alcoholic margarita's are prominent views to watch out in the restaurant. 

Now, how is the food? Well Vegetarians survived in a chicken and steak restaurant in fact we were on the verge to burst out due the lack of knowledge on the quantity. Every dish ordered was filling and contempt-full. Not Spicy at all. It was cheesy and fatty totally fit for a last day of the vacation. Just make sure when you order food order one o…

Hum Tum Plane Mein

Saw the video ???

Exact same thing happened, well not exact but similar. I was flying back home, ALONE!!! I know all you 'single-ready-to-mingle' minds out there just too well so stop thinking.

Well its different now, I am married and I hate travelling alone now, I kept missing my hubby and hating the fact there was another disgusted man sitting besides me. Had it been Saif or someone like him, well then this story would had different start.

Coming back to the disgusted man, he was ALRIGHT Indian but I am not revealing anything further on caste creed color criteria. He removed his Shoes and revealed his Stinking Socks. I Know....yaaaaks unbearable. He was apparently flying for the second time in a flight so he was unaware of the facilities and immigration formalities and of course every time looked with a hope that I might interact with him but his gross stinky socks had me facing the clouds out of my window all the time.

When food came I exactly behaved like Rani in the abov…