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Food Tour

Hubby and me are out with the Arab's for few weeks well technically he is IN the Office with them while I am OUT in the Arab Malls mostly :P but that is when a weekend comes to the rescue and we unite for mini expedition. A travelling weekend means food for my thought process well food for my tummy and ultimately the thought process is for the Blog :p. This weekend was a gastronomic tour. Starting with breakfast inspired by the French bakeries we had fresh croissants with a hot cup of bubbly tea followed by Salsa for lunch. Dancing is involved but only from the hotness of the salsa sauces on my taste buds spread out by Baja Fresh.  Grilled Veggie Burrito with corn tortilla chips with creamy avocado onion and tomato salsa not to forget fresh coriander, jalapenos and cold lemon for that extra tickle. After we enjoyed the Mexican lunch it was time for desserts and we straight fly into Columbus Cafe to dig into a neatly arranged Tiramisu which was YUMMY, Italian of course!!!  We had …