Mom & Me & Mom-in-law

I have not been telling you stories since quite some time now..I know and I apologize for being so lazy. Its not that I am out of new stories, in fact got many, just didn't get near to the laptop but have been frequent on Yum-Stories as outings have increased after Wedding. Yep yup I got married (blushes), thank you for the wishes and blessings (more blushes and also a Ting! it will also be a reason for a new section on the blog, Love-stories...let me know how this idea sounds to you guys ill work on it more).

Alright routing back to the current post... since this is my come back post I wanted it to be something very special, very much like a show stopper. I know a bit filmy but hey that's the beauty of life. You need a dash of drama to make it spicy and of course where there is drama there is a Drama Queen which is normally acted out by our Mom's in most of the cases.

At least I can vouch about my Mom, she is the biggest critic and the biggest audience I got. Whatever I do in life be it cooking to studies to sports to picnic to night outs she has an opinion or an advice or a critic view point to it. Every Mom will have.

She would go on and on at times. Doll, this is not the right way of talking? Why can't you keep your clothes neatly in your cupboard? Don't keep your purse on the sofa. Keep you shoes in the shoe rack. Don't forget the tea kettle on the gas again and burn it up. Go to office on time, come home on time before Dad calls. I have cleaned your cupboard for the last time dare you mess it up.This time i covered your ass from Dad next time be home early. You think you can handle the job then go for it.You want to study further go for it. Did you see Madhuri's dress in today's Bombay Times? You should read Times every day you don't read. Our neighbor, Shetty aunties's son in law got her a new saree. Marry someone who will take me out for shopping....

****My eyes are watery can't write more....need to wash off.... ****

Alright back...writing something about your mom is always difficult.Firstly words leave you and then the mind get swamped with so many memories since my first birthday till my wedding day. Her many instructions, the don't and do's, guidance, road to success and her love.

She used to call me without fail when at work and then if i don't pick up if in an meeting then there would be decent number of missed call entries. Suddenly after the wedding things change.She doesn't call on her usual time.I wait and then finish my chores and call her in the night before snoozing out expecting her to say hi hello, she turns into a volcanic ball and ask's, "You got time to call NOW!???". At first it didn't daunt on me as to what should be my exact reaction and obviously I also recklessly growled back saying, "You didn't call hence I DID!". After few sweet spicy conversations I began to listen to her carefully. I then heard a little bit of worry, little bit of anxiety, a little of "I Miss You My, Doll" tone and a lot of hesitation cause for her she has given her daughter away to a new family who now has the right on my time and me.

What our Indian Moms forget is that a Mom is always a Mom come what may and her ownership on her kid is always the first and the last. So, Mom call up anytime, If I don't pick up ill come call back soon, Don't Worry!

We girls are very lucky we always have a Mom around even after getting married. Yep our Mom-in-Laws. After our Mom our Mom-in-law fills in the position of our mother. So be it instructions, guidance, tips and tricks in cooking to taking care of your household, your husband, she is the guiding star in your life now.

Your Mom helps you in understanding your father and brother, here at the new home your Mom-in-law helps you understand your hubby, father-in-law and the entire troop of people who are complete strangers to you. The Mothers (both of them) are our bridge where we can connect with both  our homes and crossover anytime from being a daughter to a daughter in law back and forth. No words are sufficient to glorify a Mom's Love be it your Mom or Mom-in-law both so let me wind up this post which is just a tiny winy way of thanking them and saying,

"Happy Mother's Day, Mom and Mom-in-law"


  1. Touching...

    Liked the way you educate the guys with 'how things are in a girls world'.....we are generally oblivious to that.....

    about time someone wrote about moms......m missing my own...

    keep writing.. :)


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