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Mom & Me & Mom-in-law

I have not been telling you stories since quite some time now..I know and I apologize for being so lazy. Its not that I am out of new stories, in fact got many, just didn't get near to the laptop but have been frequent on Yum-Stories as outings have increased after Wedding. Yep yup I got married (blushes), thank you for the wishes and blessings (more blushes and also a Ting! it will also be a reason for a new section on the blog, Love-stories...let me know how this idea sounds to you guys ill work on it more).

Alright routing back to the current post... since this is my come back post I wanted it to be something very special, very much like a show stopper. I know a bit filmy but hey that's the beauty of life. You need a dash of drama to make it spicy and of course where there is drama there is a Drama Queen which is normally acted out by our Mom's in most of the cases.

At least I can vouch about my Mom, she is the biggest critic and the biggest audience I got. Whatever I …