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Too big for my feet

Shoes and purses have always been a craze for me and it's increasing day by day, lol. Hubby-n-Me were cruising through an exhibition held at Kora Kendra Grounds, Borivali when these very large shoes caught my attention. Well it was a multi-purpose storage facility for newspapers or magazine but me just wanted to slip them on..hehehe.

Natural Chiku Love Boat in Top Town ;)!!

Almost end of winter and let it go without a an Ice Cream treat na...So i did follow this rule and visited Natural's Ice cream and Top n town centers in Borivali West near to Kora Kendra.

Opted for chiku ice cream at natural's and a love boat combination of three flavors at Top n Town. Love boat was ultimately pleasing to the eye. Colorful  fruity ice creams  whipped cream designed neatly and then the red cute cherries on the top to finish it all up sweet red sugar syrup flowing on all the chunks of icey sweetness. But alas the tempting dessert was unbearably sweet for my palate  Natural's chiku was quite contrast to the eye tempting love boat as it was simple in visual but authentically classy with the flavor and texture and it famous natural sweetness.      

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