First Potoba Then Vithoba :)

Every newly wed couple in India is bound to visit temples and so did we. I and my hubby along with our friends, of course a cute couple with knack for good food and adventure just like us, headed on a pilgrimage trip to Solapur-Tuljapur-Pandharpur-Akkalkot-Ganagapura . But as the famous Marathi proverb goes " Pahile Potoba  mag Vithoba" that means  before going to rhe temple to visit the deity, the body temple must be filled with good food. Trust me we followed it very religiously.

Check out the delicacies we gobbled on :) Click to view the slideshow.



  1. Mouth Watering to every last bite.....made me feel like visiting temples for the sake of it.... :)

  2. All these yum photos have made me hungry now. :( Mouth watering post indeed! :D


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