Natak v/s Nautanki

Musical, Drama, Comedy, Action be it any genre, it should always be entertaining, entertaining and entertaining.

Uh.. you are talking about movies, right?? No Honey, I am not just talking about Movies,I am also talking about Drama Theater.

Where once the third bell rings and the curtains pull apart its one take cinema. Where the curtains dictates ACTION.. and we see actors singing, dancing, talking, conversing, crying, reacting but all this LIVE.
Live as a cricket match but watching it in the stadium. Well LIVE cricket matches shown on television can be paused now a days due to technological advancement of set top boxes.

I am a movies buff I tell you. Movies, I mean good movies.Ya, you are thinking right. "Good movies" is again a debatable and a subjective topic. So I shall re-write, I am a movies buff and good movies for me are the movies which get me out of the movie hall either happy or content or inspired. Movie which spill tomato ketchup all over the canvas and the movies which pour stale canned comedy on you for three hours are not my style. In short, I prefer movies made for the class not for the mass.

Movies can be glamorous and larger than life but they lack the risk and spontaneity of live drama. Actors changing in dark in minutes, the sets rolling over from a moment being a bedroom to the very next moment being a garden view. The cast, the make up, the costume, the dialogue delivery, the narration, the lights effect   s everything happening on one single stage. Drama has to make an audience travel the world around using just that single platform.

Movies are the immediate source of rejuvenation I agree but I think so can theater drama. Give it a try.

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  1. 1. Good theme, I liked this more that earlier one :)
    2. I agree, though I am a movie person myself, Drama still has the simplicity which is awe-inspiring and magnanimous in it's own way.


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