Indiblogger's Happy 5

@RajivMakhni I know you said 8 liners would  be read by you and 800 words would be sorted by @VikasKhanna1 but I want both of you to read my post cause I relate to both of you, Food and Technology.I am a cocktail of a technical background and a food loving adventurist.

I cant live without both. I eat something, I have have have too click it using  my HD Camera or HD enabled cellphone cam and post it on my blog.
Yesterday's  meet organised by   was like a dream date for me. Firstly it was at The Taj Land's End, Bandra. What a perfect setting for a perfect date!

Entering the ballroom on a red carpet and welcomed by the bubbling indiblogger team. Registering using laptops, for an assured great time . Seeing your Twitter handle on the big screen. The candle light velvety dinner table and the neatly placed crystal crockery. The Strawberry Shake,,,, Gosh it was just yummy. 

The net pack on my cell was not functional hence i was desperate to tweet whatever I was feeling and secretly wishing to see my name on the big screen. I was fiddling with my cellphone relentlessly then the big screen notified about the WiFi credentials, and i smiled liked a kid who is placed in front of a huge chocolate cake.

When you guys entered all the girls including me ( below 50 Vikas :) ) wanted to jump but we behaved. 
The entire campaign be it the onion cutting, soup tasting, xray app to hunt restaurants, morphing of "Simran" (the nokia simran not DDLJ simran), the dream app tweets or the two dudes humbly clicking snaps with the audience was a cheerful memory clip for all the IndiBloggers.

For me it has been just 5 odd months that I have been part of the IndiBlogger community and it was my first 5 hours of my very first IndiBlogger meet, I must say IndiBlogger, What a way to celebrate your 5th Birthday!! 

All High Fives, All Happy Smiles. Just the way a perfect date with a great time should be. Thank you for those Happy 5 hours. Happy 5th Birthday @indiblogger!!! 

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