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Pizza Vendure, Vista, Taj Land's End

Vista, the cafe at Taj Land's end is open round the clock. So after a long walk at band stand you get really hungry go grab a bite of this yummy pizza and beer. No regrets whatsoever. Funky crowd, great cars, awesome ambiance, what else...Wha Taj..Again

First Roses


Its always a Friday here

The ambiance is the winner at this place. Go for a date not for the food. I am not saying, they don't have a good spread. They have a great menu lined up with American delicacies hence you will always find foreigner's at your next table. If you are an typical Indian in your taste buds then you might not like the servings which are customized to the American palate. Two items which win here hands down are the potato wedges and the TGI' Friday Special Friday sundae. A eating tip, ask for the small spoons to dig into the huge glass.

Wha Taj

It's Taj, Masala Kraft. The taste, the presentation, the craft simply exquisite so is the price but grand the occasion worth the price, worth the moments. Wha Taj!



Natak v/s Nautanki

Musical, Drama, Comedy, Action be it any genre, it should always be entertaining, entertaining and entertaining.

Uh.. you are talking about movies, right?? No Honey, I am not just talking about Movies,I am also talking about Drama Theater.

Where once the third bell rings and the curtains pull apart its one take cinema. Where the curtains dictates ACTION.. and we see actors singing, dancing, talking, conversing, crying, reacting but all this LIVE.
Live as a cricket match but watching it in the stadium. Well LIVE cricket matches shown on television can be paused now a days due to technological advancement of set top boxes.

I am a movies buff I tell you. Movies, I mean good movies.Ya, you are thinking right. "Good movies" is again a debatable and a subjective topic. So I shall re-write, I am a movies buff and good movies for me are the movies which get me out of the movie hall either happy or content or inspired. Movie which spill tomato ketchup all over the canvas and the mov…

Indiblogger's Happy 5

@RajivMakhni I know you said 8 liners would  be read by you and 800 words would be sorted by @VikasKhanna1 but I want both of you to read my post cause I relate to both of you, Food and Technology.I am a cocktail of a technical background and a food loving adventurist.
I cant live without both. I eat something, I have have have too click it using  my HD Camera or HD enabled cellphone cam and post it on my blog. Yesterday's  meet organised by   was like a dream date for me. Firstly it was at The Taj Land's End, Bandra. What a perfect setting for a perfect date!
Entering the ballroom on a red carpet and welcomed by the bubbling indiblogger team. Registering using laptops, for an assured great time . Seeing your Twitter handle on the big screen. The candle light velvety dinner table and the neatly placed crystal crockery. The Strawberry Shake,,,, Gosh it was just yummy. 
The net pack on my cell was not functional hence i was desperate to tweet whatever I w…

65th year of free India


Radhe Krishna