The Men in Single Girl's Life

Growing up on a extra dose of romantic Bollywood flicks and Mills & Boons I turned into a person hunting for "Love" in anything and everything I did or will ever do, Passion and love are absolute essentials in all walk s of life.

If it is a relation, and I mean any relation not just husband-wife or boyfriend/man friend (that's the term I have picked from Sex and the City)-girl friend, it requires love, passion and patience to dwell into the relation.

If it is your career you ought to love your job and there should be passion to get the best out of it else trust me you will suck at it and will make your colleagues suffer as well apart from you. After being a manager I can vouch on such situations confidently. 

So the crux is that you need to be in love all the time, that's when you will succeed which is directly proportional to be happy. 

Now is it a compulsion to be in love with something or someone? 
Yes/No....ummm Yes.....ummm No- Well that my brain and heart having a debate over there and I really don't think there is any need to explain who is favoring which side of the coin.

I say both are correct and it is a 50-50 of both. You need something to drive you nuts about it or you need someone who makes you crazy about them. The someone can also be you,yourself!! 

You can be in love with yourself if that makes you passionate enough to achieve milestones which can make you pat your own back, then why should you not love yourself. And I go a step beyond and say, You must know how to love yourself then only you can love someone else. 

Right now I am Single, SO WHAT ?? Does that mean I sulk about it that, "I don't have anyone to LOVE or NO one loves me",Oh common. I have seen many single girls crib about not having their knight in shinning armor around them. Girls, Do Not Wait for a "Man" to make you happy. The man can be you father, your brother or your hubby/beau.

We girls have a tendency to be dependent on a man to make us happy. Before I write further, let me make one thing clear before the happily married in love girls or all the sisters and daughters pounce on me. 

I ain't saying don't fall in love or don't love the feeling of being in love. Or if your father/bro is pampering you don't let them pamper you.  You are in love, how can you not  be hysterical about it? Go dance in love I would say. 

I am saying if right now you don't have anyone that close to you Don't Sulk, don't let it stop you from being happy. Being single is a crazy time, gals. Learn to Enjoy it. Take your gal pals and enjoy the evening after work or college. Grab them go for a spa/pedicure, go to movies, take yoga/gym.driving/dance classes, blog together, photograph yourselves, bake cakes, read books and lastly shopping. 

There are many things to do. In fact you can only do crazy time-pass with your buddies especially when you are SINGLE and have no obligations attached to you.

After all this all if you still want to hunt men down then I would suggest be crazy enough to go fishing for the  following hunks and trust me you never ever regret being in relation with them:-
  • Calvin Klien
  • Jimmy Choo
  • George Armani 
  • Versace
  • Ralph Lauren
Alright you don't like foreigners then go local
  • Rocky S
  • Manish Malhotra
  • Satya Paul 
  • Sabyasachi  

These are the men who should be in single girls closet. Fine I can see the wallet bleeding but then who has stopped us from dreaming....what say?? Learn to save, learn to earn and then learn to spend. Learn to be crazy while you can cause once responsibility knocks those crooked photo frames or shoes in the cupboard will remind you on those mad times :)


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