Kitchen at 4250 ft

Sandy is one enthusiast who loves to climb mountains and loves food. He organizes the treks & there by forces friends out of the comfy zones on chili adventures. Sandy and Me worked together and it was Blogging that bonded us into the friends we are and so he had to be the first Guest Blogger by default. Let's see what story he has for us.

Sandy says, 

"Around 4250 ft in cave on Ratangad, It was cold and foggy....Most of the first timer girls were huddled up in a corner of the cave and were trying to remain there as much as possible. The guys accompanying them were trying to protect them from the cold by sharing some bodily heat :) (Don't get your brains all working up; it was just closeness nothing more). We had to start moving and we needed help. Someone shouted requesting for volunteers on veggy cutting spree....and a few hands shot up...
We had Carrots, Capsicum and Tomatoes and Onions....

Oil and laughter, Mustard and masti, Green Chillies and tempers, Curry Leaves and pjs, Turmeric Powder and small cuts on fingers followed by very dramatic mouthing the wound, Salt and sparks were added to prepare the basic masala.

Basic Masala

After the basic masala, it was time for tomatoes.

By now we had developed various types of vacancies. Upgrading from simple peelers and choppers now we were recruiting 'Torche Handlers', Plate Cleaners, Stirrers, Photographers :), and general facilitators (who were instant point of contact for any roadblocks).

And yes the 'Rassa' was to be made of 'Potatos'.

Finally the 2 were added and we were beginning to see and outcome of our efforts. Just then the photographer got involved into a game of 'red-hands' and we lost the rest of trail in pictures.
This is the last pic we could get which can be called ‘Semi-Final Product’.

P.S. the Kanda-Batata-Rassa was awesomely tasty given the cold and amount of hunger we had.

The next day morning was 'Masala-Milk' day and we emptied 9 cartons into 32 mouths.

After a lot of discussion on how much amount of Sugar would suffice and how many packets of masala were required (though we had only 2) we ended up creating 2 pots of 4 ltr each with different quantities of sugar and equal quantity of Masala.

P.S. I still don't have a clue as to who did waht with that 1 carton of milk left...."

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