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Love ya Arrange

Sony Television currently are flashing promos of their new show Love Marriage ya Arrange Marriage, an age old debate, which of the both are better? A sensitive subject for people like me who are right now nominated for the wedding market. I might be sounding harsh or rude or even disrespecting the marriage institution with words like wedding market but that's what it feels like. A big online shopping arcade where you punch specifications, height 5'4 to 6'2, education post grad, NRI ( mamma mia) and voila, 250 profiles matching your requirements. Now choose what you feel is the most convenient and reasonable option to you. Luck plays an important factor here to decide on your happily ever after.Luck also plays a part in bringing the love to you, now marrying the love or not to marry is your decision. After the decision is taken then you have the usual FAQs sessions with folks, relatives and friends if or not it is the RIGHT decision or not.So both ways there is chaos. 


Kitchen at 4250 ft

Sandy is one enthusiast who loves to climb mountains and loves food. He organizes the treks & there by forces friends out of the comfy zones on chili adventures. Sandy and Me worked together and it was Blogging that bonded us into the friends we are and so he had to be the first Guest Blogger by default. Let's see what story he has for us.

Sandy says,
"Around 4250 ft in cave on Ratangad, It was cold and foggy....Most of the first timer girls were huddled up in a corner of the cave and were trying to remain there as much as possible. The guys accompanying them were trying to protect them from the cold by sharing some bodily heat :) (Don't get your brains all working up; it was just closeness nothing more). We had to start moving and we needed help. Someone shouted requesting for volunteers on veggy cutting spree....and a few hands shot up...
We had Carrots, Capsicum and Tomatoes and Onions....

Oil and laughter, Mustard and masti, Green Chillies and tempers, Curr…

Rains, Nature and Me.... Click!


Marathi Delight At Diva Maharashtracha

Alright excuse me for clicking a half eaten plate but my tummy growled for good food and Diva Maharashtra just gave exactly what I need in immediate servings.

Starting with Kothimbir Vadi  (Coriander Cutlet , Aluchi Vadi (Colocassia Cutlet), Mini Thalipeeth (Thin Cutlet made out of various grain flours such as Bajra, Ragi, Jowar, etc with added spices) and then a exquisite thali comprising of Methi Varan (Dal), Veg Kholapuri, Paneer Corn Green Curry, Tomato Saar (its the spicy version of tomato soup), different types of Roti and Bhakari, Cucumber Salad ( Groundnut sprinkled and crackled with mustard seeds) and to top is Masala Bhat (Spiced Rice). 

I  have been to Diva Maharashtra for the third time and each time they don't disappoint me. Lastly I wind up with two sweet dishes, Kheer and Puran Poli.

Looking out for the Marathi Thal with a nice cocktail Diva Maharashtra is the place for you. All their dishes minimum start with 259 INR which should be roughly around 2,500 INR or mor…

...Strange feelings which I feel and U understand...

Yesterday after 9 pm took my bike out on the empty roads to feel the cool breeze in my hair. as I drove the freshness in the air and the drizzle on my face made me feel your presence. you were there, when the cool air tickled me, you were there listening to my giggles. 
Circled around a garden trying to circle out the thoughts which were making me want you but kinda failed. So I did not stop them, as u suggested. When thinking goes beyond you should let them flow out of you system. if we try to build a dam the water might just get stagnant. 
So what i thought about, i thought of you being there with me on my bike we riding a really long way on the Mumbai streets. then it drizzles we fool around with each other. you tickle me while i maintain the bike's balance. it start to pour down suddenly so we halt down below a huge tree which appears from no where,as in its Mumbai it not like we are riding on country side road. 
we run under its shelter. huffing puffing  we wait there. sudde…

Its all about Sharing, Caring & Loving

When anyone talks about Sharing I remember the episode where Joey as the ordained minister was asked to perform Monica and Chandler's wedding and he had to prepare a speech.

The conversation followed:
Joey: Hey, I started working on what I'm going to say at the ceremony. Wanna hear it?
Monica, Chandler: Yeah!
Joey: We are gathered here today on this joyous occasion to celebrate the special love that Monica and Chandler share.
[Monica and Chandler look impressed]

Joey: It is a love based on giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. And the love that they give and have is shared and received. And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, we too can share and love and have... and receive.

Chandler: Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Joey: When I think of the love that these two givers and receivers share, I cannot help but envy the lifetime ahead of having and …

Sparkling under construction


The Men in Single Girl's Life

Growing up on a extra dose of romantic Bollywood flicks and Mills & Boons I turned into a person hunting for "Love" in anything and everything I did or will ever do, Passion and love are absolute essentials in all walk s of life.

If it is a relation, and I mean any relation not just husband-wife or boyfriend/man friend (that's the term I have picked from Sex and the City)-girl friend, it requires love, passion and patience to dwell into the relation.
If it is your career you ought to love your job and there should be passion to get the best out of it else trust me you will suck at it and will make your colleagues suffer as well apart from you. After being a manager I can vouch on such situations confidently. 
So the crux is that you need to be in love all the time, that's when you will succeed which is directly proportional to be happy. 
Now is it a compulsion to be in love with something or someone?  Yes/No....ummm Yes.....ummm No- Well that my brain and heart …