PS: But I love you... always..

My Darling,

It has been a decade since I know you, laugh with you, cry with you, talk to you and more over love you. Growing up together with you is an endearing adventure which completes me. It makes me who I am.

You are my conscious telling me to watch my step while I decide to jump in the well. You have been my canvas where painting the world in my shades is always fun also you stand by me help me clean my hands after the show.

Without you travelling mountains in the rain is astonishing but when we did it back then it seemed as if we travel the world around in seconds. Every rain drop poured over us made our feelings entangle for eternity.

You are my hero with the aura of a papa bear who is always there to hug me when I decent down from Venus in search of home. I plate up my sorrows in front of you and you smile at them, making me smile at the immaturity in me which you transform into senses.

At the coffee house when you are engrossed in a heart melting conversation I  hold your hands, your heart beats a skip and hey I felt that. I related the want in your eyes, the want for the hug, the want for compassion, the want to cry over my shoulders, the want to fly high with me, the want to be with me.... always.

When you are on the terrace feeling the breeze finding a face in the moonlight sky, ill be there holding your arms gazing in the sky with you.
When you sip your coffee and leave the last sip for me, ill be there waiting to finish it.
When you pen down the feelings into a rhyme, ill be there listening to it.
When you listen to music, ill be there humming it with you.
When you take of the tomatoes out from the burger, ill be there to eat them up.
When you need me, ill be there.

Growing up with you was so much fun that now I cant wait to write stories about us growing old together. Together either as friends or as lovers or as soul mates that I don't know and neither intent to pin us into a tag. As long as we  know that we are happy in our lives, i ain't regretting.

You are the moon for me in my life which I know watches me always but just cant be with me. As long as I know the moon is in the sky shining bright, I am alive.

Your Darling.

PS: But I love you......always!!!!

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