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Cherry on the icing

Mom got me a box full of cherries so this entire week i have these sweet droplets to lunch from which I get two to eat rest are gobbled by my colleagues but then that's what food is for sharing :)

Fresh blue sky


Mangoe pleasure

Not a very fan of the chilly lady. Having sweet after a good meal is a mandate of my best gal,Sam. She has to have something sweety sweet be it a donught, icecream or a smoothy. Last eve we meet at rcity, ghatkopar for monsoon shopping at first then hogged on triple schezwan noodles and a mango smoothy to finish a satisfying shopping experience.Do try mango smoothy at the juice it up corner.its creamy, clear taste and best part not to sweet and completely healthy. No extra calories.

PS: But I love you... always..

My Darling,

It has been a decade since I know you, laugh with you, cry with you, talk to you and more over love you. Growing up together with you is an endearing adventure which completes me. It makes me who I am.

You are my conscious telling me to watch my step while I decide to jump in the well. You have been my canvas where painting the world in my shades is always fun also you stand by me help me clean my hands after the show.

Without you travelling mountains in the rain is astonishing but when we did it back then it seemed as if we travel the world around in seconds. Every rain drop poured over us made our feelings entangle for eternity.

You are my hero with the aura of a papa bear who is always there to hug me when I decent down from Venus in search of home. I plate up my sorrows in front of you and you smile at them, making me smile at the immaturity in me which you transform into senses.

At the coffee house when you are engrossed in a heart melting conversation I  hold your h…