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The Diamond Stone

When a span comes were everything you considered would change for better but in turn it slaps at your face, it very obvious to, Stone. Block out emotional bonding, not entertain any laughter therapy suggested by friends and treats given by parents are all of a sudden enjoyed dearly without the guilt that you might be ruining your claim that, "I am independent, I can handle myself".

Are we so independent that we don't not require emotional backing or help or just the feeling of someone is there with us, in some way, somewhere? If not then why do we get upset over the expectations we set about somebody/something in our mind? If we are independent then we should neither feel good nor bad about anything. But then this will also Stone us up, ain't it? We would me mechanics functioning on oil or electricity.

Obviously, we are the blessed animals who are allowed to speak our thoughts hence we are emotional wrecks. We feel. We get hurt over everything and throw a ice cream tre…

Prawns in making