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Thoughts of The Days

Intelligence fails many a times to the kiddish nature of the heart resulting to unexplained but memorable situations..It doesn't work always; u either have to make it work or just find a new work...

To Our Butterfly

I have never attempted a poem before this. Actually I don't think the following would be considered as a poem but wanted to express few lines for the coming baby. No not my baby. One of my BFF (Best Friends Forever) is expecting. Due any moment. She is the first of our gang to experience this beautiful miracle. So all of us are awaiting the good news and this is my way of telling that, I Love You Our Butterfly.

To Our Butterfly,As you ma and pa wait for your eyes to sparkle, there are few angels around also awaiting your arrival.Your mom will tell you all good things to do and your pa will help you to get them all right,And you our sweet pie will listen to them and will pilot a beautiful flight.When with your ma and pa be a good child they will pat your back with a praise,When with us you are free to spoil yourself with our love and of course, lots of chocolates.

If a boy,
Definitely you will be a gentleman like you pa and treat the ladies well,
But when you want a treat yourself , f…