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Religious day out

If you haven't been able to touch your religious soul lately go refill your car's petrol/diesel tank and head out as I did. HajiAli, Babulnath and mumba devi on a Sunday afternoon. Got some blessings in form of few clicks.

The feline always grabs my seat


Food makes me Happy

One fine night while on  the dinner table with family slurping on exotic mom cooked Goa-n Fish Curry, Pomfret and Rice I asked them a question, "What is that one thing which makes you happy? You know one which automatically gets the Ting Smile on your face".
(Dictionary: Ting Smile: that smile on your face which also have sound effects in your brains preferably the tinggg kinda sound). 5 people on the table and 4 different opinions to ponder on well my dad n bro had the same opinion. 
Dad and Bro said, 'Sleeping' Sound sleep is what makes them happy. It can even be Virus's 7 mins power nap (Ref: 3 Idiots). True ain't it? Imagine having a tiring and hectic first half at work and the 5 mins power nap on you desk in the lunch hour and you are geared up for the second half battle especially if it is 'The Monday'. 
Next in queue was Mom. True to her nature and mom being mom she said, "Gold Souk mein mera Sukh hai" which translates as Gold Souk ( Sou…