Series:This is what dreams are made off: Dreaming Together

When do humans start to dream??? I think probably in the embryo form itself, not sure just a thought.  It is the capability of dreaming which gives us the survival instinct and to survive luxuriously. Luxury is again an individual perception since it can differ from person to person.

Dreams for me are like a magical land where you can be whatever you want to, touch the stars and while coming out you can bring back a piece of hope which keeps you motivated to push yourself to achieve the image you just created in your mind. I dream about lot of things. some very practical materialistic and some ........hehehe very dreamy of course.

I think getting people to dream about something  they always wanted, creates a positive vibe and attitude in the person to actually achieve those. Try tickling the numbed nerve of a person with a dream window, the path to success will follow.

Do not even dare think that I am drunk and in mood of writing something very cheesy to increase my blog page hits. So no selfish motive here to grab the audience. This is something which I have felt over the past few days and genuinely want  to share the positive vibe I'm feeling with my friends,family and readers. I have met few good people recently who follow the dream path, dream big and actually work smartly to achieve the what they dreamt off.

It is not at all that difficult to follow your dreams. Now don't feed me that reality is a bitch and takes the energy and the focus away from dream path and then the black hole of responsibility sucks you in it saying this with all due respect to the people who sacrifice their dreams to achieve more important things for them or their families at that particular point of time.

Life ain't that bad, friends. it always gives a chance to change things. Each one of us gets a chance to redo certain things. Be awake and Be an opportunist.
Condition applies: You have to demand for the change, the SECRET works. Try it.

A dream becomes very passionate and more closerto the heart when you have the pleasure to dream it someone special. May be dreaming of a shopping at a exclusive Versace shop with your best friend or a building your dream home ad mist the mountain with a waterfall nearby with your love or hire a cricket ground to celebrate your brothers birthday....however weird and however unreasonable your dream can be but they are no fun till you have an arm to hold and dream about it together.  

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