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Series:This is what dreams are made off: Dreaming Together

When do humans start to dream??? I think probably in the embryo form itself, not sure just a thought.  It is the capability of dreaming which gives us the survival instinct and to survive luxuriously. Luxury is again an individual perception since it can differ from person to person.
Dreams for me are like a magical land where you can be whatever you want to, touch the stars and while coming out you can bring back a piece of hope which keeps you motivated to push yourself to achieve the image you just created in your mind. I dream about lot of things. some very practical materialistic and some ........hehehe very dreamy of course.
I think getting people to dream about something  they always wanted, creates a positive vibe and attitude in the person to actually achieve those. Try tickling the numbed nerve of a person with a dream window, the path to success will follow.
Do not even dare think that I am drunk and in mood of writing something very cheesy to increase my blog page hits…

Fat Louie: Meoow


savoury momments CCD

CCD always atteract the youth for the obvious reasons but in my last visit i saw a granny n granna enjoy a hot cup of coffee and each other. CCD always creates nostalgic moments for me...and this one was truly a savoury moment....

Doll Cake

Had been to the nearest Ribbons and Balloons Cake shop in Chembur to get cakes for my collegue birthday when I saw an cindrella cake at the store.
Yummy cakes pleasing your taste buds are plenty but a gorgeous barbie doll dressed in a most desired gown which is nothing but rich strawberry and vanilla cream and rich filling of chocolate truffle inside......aaaaaawwwwww........yummmmmyyyyyy