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Cricket a team game after all!

No I’m a not a diehard cricket freak. Then why am I writing about cricket in my personal blog, it is well connected to my theme, Spread Smiles.

Cricket is one culture in India which instantly brings a big huge passionate smile on a any cricket fan’s face. Be it a Sachin or a Dhoni follower when the team plays, the entire nation smiles together.

The current world cup is the sign off for my thought. The nation has gone ballistic about the dream of Sachin n Dhoni lifting the 2011 Cricket World cup, Together. And I am weirdly a part of the dream. A Sachin fan after all.

I follow cricket just because of Shree, my pest brother who doesn’t watch anything else but the sports channel. So kind off have no option. We two fighting over the remote on an important Indian cricket match is something my mom has witnessed over years.

But now it has become a ritual. Any important match I come running home to watch it with him. With the last India-Australia match I left work early and came home just to…

Sun Sets @ Sea Shore

Location: Bandra Reclamation heading towards the Worli Sea Link. Activity: Riding my Honda Dio to college, seeing the beautiful sun and halting in the middle of the road to go Click Click!

Cultural Nostalgia


wind in my hair