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Bageeche Mein


Star-ry Night

After a really long time had been out an adventure with the gang. True to the traditions of Nirvana, destination was a mystery!
Now that I think of it, we decide our moves before hand and skip the mystery in life. A quick sneak away with the gang always helps you get back to senses, ain't it?
Life should be like this journey where the destination in unknown, be it good or bad. If good then pat pat on the back else just brickbats. Chal let's say if bad, what the hell , the journey was interesting and fun, right? So either ways , we never loose out. The only trick is in the point of view and the attitude to deal with the situation.
I have started feeling and accepting that every human can be very happy only if we start seeing the silver lining on the dark clouds.

Like imagine, you go out on a date, with a cute boy at a decent restaurant  Every moment of the evening is absolutely perfect. He gets a Red Rose for you, you blush in surprise thinking at the back of your mind, wow…