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Religious day out

If you haven't been able to touch your religious soul lately go refill your car's petrol/diesel tank and head out as I did. HajiAli, Babulnath and mumba devi on a Sunday afternoon. Got some blessings in form of few clicks.

The feline always grabs my seat


Food makes me Happy

One fine night while on  the dinner table with family slurping on exotic mom cooked Goa-n Fish Curry, Pomfret and Rice I asked them a question, "What is that one thing which makes you happy? You know one which automatically gets the Ting Smile on your face".
(Dictionary: Ting Smile: that smile on your face which also have sound effects in your brains preferably the tinggg kinda sound). 5 people on the table and 4 different opinions to ponder on well my dad n bro had the same opinion. 
Dad and Bro said, 'Sleeping' Sound sleep is what makes them happy. It can even be Virus's 7 mins power nap (Ref: 3 Idiots). True ain't it? Imagine having a tiring and hectic first half at work and the 5 mins power nap on you desk in the lunch hour and you are geared up for the second half battle especially if it is 'The Monday'. 
Next in queue was Mom. True to her nature and mom being mom she said, "Gold Souk mein mera Sukh hai" which translates as Gold Souk ( Sou…

Expressions speak louder than words, Really!

At a shopping mall's billing terminal while I waited for my turn to bill my stuff there was a young mom with her girl baby in the shopping trolley ahead of me and the counter sales girl was punching the shopping into the barcode light. The kiddo had a Munch candy bar in her hand which was the last item to be billed. The counter girl unknowing of the consequence just took the candy bar from the kiddo's hand and punched it. Even before the counter girl could wink the kiddo busted into an amplified loud cry. The kids’ cheeks blazed with a hot red color and her eyes poured out fire in a Tashan mode which wanted to say you "You bitch how you dared to pull out the candy from my hand". No amount of pampering made the kid to stop crying and nothing could stop me from laughing.

CCD ki Thandai


Movie, Music, Masala Papad and Martini

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara, did inject lot of spice in me and my folks the last friday night! The star cast went to an international picnic, we always dream about. Another story they earned a hell lot of money from it:)

But yes the entire movie did set our moods right to have a really fun weekend. Staring with the senorita song and martini drink at a the Wild Orchid lounge at Chembur.

Senorita Martini


Series:This is what dreams are made off: Dreaming Together

When do humans start to dream??? I think probably in the embryo form itself, not sure just a thought.  It is the capability of dreaming which gives us the survival instinct and to survive luxuriously. Luxury is again an individual perception since it can differ from person to person.
Dreams for me are like a magical land where you can be whatever you want to, touch the stars and while coming out you can bring back a piece of hope which keeps you motivated to push yourself to achieve the image you just created in your mind. I dream about lot of things. some very practical materialistic and some ........hehehe very dreamy of course.
I think getting people to dream about something  they always wanted, creates a positive vibe and attitude in the person to actually achieve those. Try tickling the numbed nerve of a person with a dream window, the path to success will follow.
Do not even dare think that I am drunk and in mood of writing something very cheesy to increase my blog page hits…

Fat Louie: Meoow


savoury momments CCD

CCD always atteract the youth for the obvious reasons but in my last visit i saw a granny n granna enjoy a hot cup of coffee and each other. CCD always creates nostalgic moments for me...and this one was truly a savoury moment....

Doll Cake

Had been to the nearest Ribbons and Balloons Cake shop in Chembur to get cakes for my collegue birthday when I saw an cindrella cake at the store.
Yummy cakes pleasing your taste buds are plenty but a gorgeous barbie doll dressed in a most desired gown which is nothing but rich strawberry and vanilla cream and rich filling of chocolate truffle inside......aaaaaawwwwww........yummmmmyyyyyy

Series:This is what dreams are made off

रोहतांगपासच्यारेस्तरौमध्येबसलोय. अचानकतीदिसते.. ८-१०वर्षांपूर्वीभेटलेली.. अजूनहीतशीच..मोहक.. थोडीशीअल्लड.. थोडीशीसमजूतदार.. काळजाचाठावघेणारंस्मितहास्य...
मीजवळजाऊनकडकडूनमिठीमारतो.. तीपणघट्टधरते.. पणतिच्यापकडीततीओढनसते.. माझ्याहृदयाचाठोकाचुकतो..
आम्हीकोपऱ्यातल्याटेबलावरबसतो..एकांतात.. तीजराशांतअसते..मीधुंदझालेलोअसतो इतकीवर्षं ..कुठे..काय..कसं.. आजइथेकसा ? तूइथेकशी?
हळूहळूजवळयेतोआम्ही .. हातहातांतयेतात.. ओठांचीछोटीशीमोहोरतिच्यामानेवरउठते... अचानकतीमागेसरते हात

Cricket a team game after all!

No I’m a not a diehard cricket freak. Then why am I writing about cricket in my personal blog, it is well connected to my theme, Spread Smiles.

Cricket is one culture in India which instantly brings a big huge passionate smile on a any cricket fan’s face. Be it a Sachin or a Dhoni follower when the team plays, the entire nation smiles together.

The current world cup is the sign off for my thought. The nation has gone ballistic about the dream of Sachin n Dhoni lifting the 2011 Cricket World cup, Together. And I am weirdly a part of the dream. A Sachin fan after all.

I follow cricket just because of Shree, my pest brother who doesn’t watch anything else but the sports channel. So kind off have no option. We two fighting over the remote on an important Indian cricket match is something my mom has witnessed over years.

But now it has become a ritual. Any important match I come running home to watch it with him. With the last India-Australia match I left work early and came home just to…

Sun Sets @ Sea Shore

Location: Bandra Reclamation heading towards the Worli Sea Link. Activity: Riding my Honda Dio to college, seeing the beautiful sun and halting in the middle of the road to go Click Click!

Cultural Nostalgia


wind in my hair


Bageeche Mein


Star-ry Night

After a really long time had been out an adventure with the gang. True to the traditions of Nirvana, destination was a mystery!
Now that I think of it, we decide our moves before hand and skip the mystery in life. A quick sneak away with the gang always helps you get back to senses, ain't it?
Life should be like this journey where the destination in unknown, be it good or bad. If good then pat pat on the back else just brickbats. Chal let's say if bad, what the hell , the journey was interesting and fun, right? So either ways , we never loose out. The only trick is in the point of view and the attitude to deal with the situation.
I have started feeling and accepting that every human can be very happy only if we start seeing the silver lining on the dark clouds.

Like imagine, you go out on a date, with a cute boy at a decent restaurant  Every moment of the evening is absolutely perfect. He gets a Red Rose for you, you blush in surprise thinking at the back of your mind, wow…

Cats in the Inventory Now!


Chocolate Pot


Gajamukh: Supreme judge

Gajamukh: Supreme judge: "Supreme and almighty judge of this universe is Saturn ( shani maharaj ). You can break rules, bribe people and even try to hide your unjusti..."