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School Picnic

Mumbai in the recent few years have been blessed with a lovely winter season. You know what, I love December and the wintery glow it brings to my face. Every morning getting cozy in your red soft blanket is something I miss during the rest of the year. But today morning instead of the regular alarm clock disturbing my beauty sleep it was some yelling kids in the back of the alley. It was not just 4 -5 kids, there were almost around 200 kids in the back lane.
Yelling, screeching, and running in the lane for stuffing themselves inside huge Volvo buses. Yes it was a school picnic day.

The School Picnic Day was that one day, which came only once in an academic year, in the life of a school kid where the mother’s do not have to wake them up. At least I remember I never could sleep the night before.

The crazy kids went ballistic with excitement but they made me smile. I felt like jumping out of the bed and hopping onto the bus hence I came out and told mom , “ Even I want to go to the p…


Christmas around the corner, star lite trees all around the block. Can't wait to hug Santa. Got a big list this year.