One word and many inferences.

Crushed due to work pressure, crushed due to a heart break, crushed due to shift change, crushed due to a friend’s betrayal, crushed in the traffic, crushed by family drama, crushed by the fact you can’t give yourself time, crushed in hectic routine orrrrrrr simply crushed by someone’s charms. Hehehe; it can be anything. Well many of my friends, followers and readers noticed I was out of the blogging world for quite some time, reason behind it??? Obviously, was crushed. Now, which of the mentioned above is applicable to me? ALL of the above.

The main reason for not blogging was life was throwing tantrums and I was busy in entertaining it. And more over when you are busy entertaining life, all hobbies go for a toss.

In the past two months, weird and unexpected things have happened; yes now don’t give me the jazz of “Always expect the unexpected”. Please, for a MBA student, who is taught to utterly believe in planning, if and when things don’t go according to plans, Man trust me all the sanity runs out of you. In a mad house a writer cannot survive for sure.

But now I am back, and with a very prominent thought in my mind. Few days ago had an Organizational Behavior Lecture, wherein the Prof taught us that anger can be used or portrayed in a good form  as well, in a stress management lecture.

Hence I am going to use my blog to pour out my anger in a healthy form. I was at a point of time CRUSHED due to various situations and thoughts. I’m going to put out those point which I have learned and I think might be useful to another generation. Obviously only the smart and the people who have tormented me or whom I have troubled (intentionally or unintentionally) will understand the following. Here it goes.

• Ignorance is bliss they said and I never believed; now I do. When you know you have tried enough and can’t deal with the situation just bloody hell IGNORE IT or HIM or HER. Try it, it works.

• Next, when a friend turns foe due to xyz reason, again ignorance works if you have given enough considerations to all parties involved.

• Never ever let anyone hamper your self confidence even for split second especially when you know every moment and feeling invested was true and innocent.

• When your heart and brains go in opposite directions over a certain point get the hint, something is wrong somewhere.

• While motivating people keep in mind that you yourself might have to undergo the act yourself hence only preach what you can actually deliver and trust me when you do deliver, it is a cloud 9 feeling.

• When you realize after some time that you miss your friend with whom you had a fight due to some dumb misunderstanding just stop fooling around with the dumb forward messages in your cell. Go, just pick up a chocolate box and land up at their house, you will love the feeling when the friend hugs you back.

• However fanatic your life becomes, there are good people around you to keep you firm on the ground just make sure you recognize them and then hold them and take care of them cause they are the only ones who would lend you their shoulder to burst out and take out their handkerchief to wipe your tears.

• Last but not the least, when you get a crush on someone, let them know quickly. Don’t get looped in the thought process of what if; if you do you would never ever get the courage to tell them.

That’s it! Didn’t make sense??? Good.

Don’t bother your brains much; it is just my way of clearing my clogged thought system. You can invent yours. Let me know for innovations because life loves to grab attention for sure. Hence we all would require different ways of anger management. Also, I learned this from my anger, any points you would like to add then join the club.


Thank you for reading! Do Let us know your views.