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One word and many inferences.

Crushed due to work pressure, crushed due to a heart break, crushed due to shift change, crushed due to a friend’s betrayal, crushed in the traffic, crushed by family drama, crushed by the fact you can’t give yourself time, crushed in hectic routine orrrrrrr simply crushed by someone’s charms. Hehehe; it can be anything. Well many of my friends, followers and readers noticed I was out of the blogging world for quite some time, reason behind it??? Obviously, was crushed. Now, which of the mentioned above is applicable to me? ALL of the above.

The main reason for not blogging was life was throwing tantrums and I was busy in entertaining it. And more over when you are busy entertaining life, all hobbies go for a toss.

In the past two months, weird and unexpected things have happened; yes now don’t give me the jazz of “Always expect the unexpected”. Please, for a MBA student, who is taught to utterly believe in planning, if and when things don’t go according t…