Honey Bird


This snap was taken at a time when I didn't knew blogging nor did I knew some day it would be on the blog. It was a snap taken almost 8-9 years back at my best friend Saumya's home. It was her tweety bird, well I used to call it Honey bird then. 

Honey bird made it to the Blog in 2010 without any specific story to it.  I had uploaded it then to make Saumya happy because I knew how much she missed this yellow fur ball. Today I was breezing through the blogs past post and found this yellow chick which made me miss my best friend :( sniff sniff.

Sweet memories like this help bring smile back on your face even after you receive a mail from your boss asking for End Of Day aka EOD Status Sheet at 11 in the night, yup you guessed it right, just finished answering that mail, grrrr. 

None the less, I am smiling so no loss at all thanks to Saumya, Honey bird, my knack for clicking with my cellphone and of course my boss :)

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