Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, shuru hui un dono ki prem kahani. Jana pada Raja ko durdarash,ab kese badhe aage yeh kahani,kya karegi Rani?

Simple she will get herself registered on all the cheap VOIP sites, get the best call rates on her cell, procure high speed internet and what else yes of course get all the messengers downloaded on her computer just to be in touch with her love. The Raja will do the same as well none the less.

There was a time when I loved the movie , Mene Pyaar Kiya and especially the song, Kabutar ja Ja, Pehle Pyaar ki Pehli Chithi sajan ko de aa. (Giggles, tickling giggles). But now when I see the song i am like Thank god now i Can tweet the guy over Twitter and say i love you instead of going for a pigeon hunt.

Yes we belong to an age where the social networking sites were responsible for shattering the purity of love. Every other day my mom would read out one awful incident from the daily newspaper indicating association of these social networks.

Yet on the other hand, on this world wide web many love stories are dwelling with the same innocence & the same passion which our classic bollywood romantic flicks have always defined.

A guy finds a gal's profile interesting in a mutual friend list, send's in a cute teaser, then send's in a request (of course the skill lies here ), she accepts, long chat sessions, following with 123 greetings cards trail, then the first date, then series of dates, then merely enjoying every step of the journey together.

Internet and the various technologies associated with it are nowadays are the only way out for couple especially in a long distance relation. Couples in long distance are not privileged with having a cup of coffee after work with each other but then while sitting at a coffee shop they can Tweet/Buzz their partners miss you at coffee honey. Skype lets u talk to ur sweetheart, at cheap rates and also watch them smile when ever u hit the crtl+ G button on the yahoo messenger with the falling hearts theme on.

Being from the software field I get pissed of when I read incidents which are caused due to violent human perceptions but are blamed on the technology. Imagine if all these techno gadgets were not in existence handling the competitive careers along with an equally demanding love life would have been a mess.

I have many friends who will agree with me on this thought, many many lovers rather. Those who agree, whenever you get an opportunity try imbibe in the real meaning of love and then the correct use of technology to help you communicate that love into young minds.Do tell them, we send across friend request to be friends not to corrupt the essence of it by doing something unethical and spoiling it for all.For those, who are in love and are away and are geek in nature please help other couples by telling them affordable technologies to help in stay touch.

Like i have come across few links which I am attaching at the end of the article. Well, I am celebrating the fact that i am a human who knows to how operate technology with a good perception to stay in touch with my loved one. Im just glad im trained enough to handle the mouse to do help me deliver my love messages cause training a pigeon and then asking him to fly to another continent, .........aaaaaaaaaah bad idea:D

Links to stay in touch:

Apart from skype, yahoo, gtalk, there are site which allows you to call cell/landlines


  1. http://www.magicjack.com/6/index.asp.... my frend ankita suggested this for the US couples:)

  2. heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy..... thats very much well said!


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