My First Day..

We humans always try to pre-empt situations but sometimes you need to expect the unexpected. However hard we try to pre-define our future it always has some surprises involved especially when on the, First Day!

First Day of anything...The first day of College, First Day of Work, First day in your new home, etc.. Starting with a new phase in your life always is accompanied with lots of excitement, optimism, and confusions.

With me, surprises are not new but the three very special phases of my life started off with a bang. My First Day at College, then at Work and now at MBA-college, all were interesting.

At College: Like seven years back.
Dnyanasadhna College, Thane

After securing very low marks in 12th and with an intention of getting into hotel management which my folks opposed big time I was not left with many options. Since I was good with computers and the computers were good for me my dad took me to the nearest college from my house and we took admission for Bsc. Comp Science Course and the very hour I was sent into the classroom with a long book in hand and my wallet. The College had begun a week ago hence my folks forced me into the classroom on the same very day forget the day the very next moment I got the admission receipt in my hand. With mixed emotions and watery eyes, I did step into the class. Found an empty last bench to brood over the situation. I mean the First day of college was supposed to be exciting with a lot of energy and freshness. I used to dream about cooking lovely delicacies in the kitchen and now I was sitting in a class with sadu prof standing in front of me and teaching Maths which I hated from the bottom of my heart. (I still hate it; nothing has changed my opinion about Maths)

While I was still thinking on the situation I was in by then a girl from the front bench just came to sit beside me and as if she knew what was I going through she just out of the blue said, "Don't Worry! It’s not that bad here, you will be fine". I smiled and there after never had to regret. I had a marvelous three years. She was Deepali. She was the one who made me meet my 'now' Nirvana gang there and after which we just had a lot of fun. Though the start was not what I had expected but now that I look back couldn’t have asked for a better college life.

At Work: Two years back.
Greytrix, Chembur.

One day got a call asking to come down for the interview as an intern and almost after 3 days I was on the first day of my work. On the first day, the liftman was who accompanied me to the fourth floor was all inquisitive and also very informative.

He asked, “Mamddam , Konsi company?” I said,” Greytrix to which he replied.” Aachi company hai but log ek bar andar jate hai toh der raat tak bahara nahi aate bach ke rehna. Bhout kam karvate hai bakki sab thik hai.” I was not very sure what to think on this statement, good or bad. With Mixed feelings, I did enter and when I settled at the workstation given to me I looked around I realized I am going to sit surrounded by the CEO, COO, CFO, 2 Sr. Managers for like more than 8 hrs of the day. As a fresher nothing was scarier than this. So it was very clear to me on the very first day that you make a mistake and directly all these people together fire you and out to the door.

After two years, I remember the lift-man and I must say I cannot agree with him more that ek bar log andar jate hai toh nikalte nahi hai not of any negative influence but its fun working here. And made many mistakes and yet I haven’t :)been fired

AT MBA-A month ago
MET- Bandra.

Getting into a B School was a dream I finally was able to achieve hence I wanted my first day here to be very professional. But but but….. Nothing goes according to your plans.

Firstly after almost a year, after finishing my MCA, going to back to the lecture and on time was a big challenge especially on a raining Sunday morning. So for a 9:00 am lecture I drove my Dio and reached the institute at 9:30 am, running and panting.

Thankfully I was not the only one. There was one more guy facing running with me. While hunting for the classroom we briefly asked if both of us were from finance so both started to hunt for the class. I got confused if my class was T1 or T3. It was actually T1 and we busted into the T3 class, which was for marketing.

Also, we had reached very late hence all the back seats were engaged, we were left with the first row directly under the professor’s nose. Sitting with the professor and listening to him after 45 min we understood we are in the wrong class. Now how to get out was a big question. Both of us stared at each other at regular intervals and hinted to stand up and ask, but none of us had the courage since interrupting the prof in the middle of his speech was very rude. Like good students, we also took the notes he gave us. Finally, someone from the back benches interrupted him to ask a query. Once the query was answered, we stood up and asked the prof if this was a finance class or not he said no marketing class. Then we were like sorry sir we are in the wrong class. The entire class busted into laughter so did we. Apologizing to the prof we left to find out finance class.

We were like 1 hour late to the original class, the Statistic Prof was like one hour late again apologizing to this prof we told him our story. But he was cool about it. And we started off, with the rest of the Lecture:) We missed a crucial info in the first hour which I came to know in the next Sunday lecture when I came in twenty minutes late and had to shell out bloody 200 RS.

If we were late to the Statistic Lecture we were fined in multiples of 100 Rs. First 10 mins- 100, 20 mins late-200 and so on so forth

These were my special First Days, what about you guys???


  1. i remember my firt time meeting you..... n all the incident we had together and i m not going to disclose it right now but one thing i will tell here is that it was awesome n was huge fun... well writing a comment after along time but i cant n must say we cant forget those days of our life..... nice reading ur blog... always.... have fun n enjoy life.....


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