This is one topic I wanted to discuss, share or write about since the thought of blogging occured to me.
But then I wanted to potray it out in a different style or something which the world has not read before.
Since the very famous Chetan bhagat has his latest creation based on the same topic.Yep, Two States.

 Two indviduals from Two different cultures in love with each other. A tale told with great enthusiasm and good sense of humour. Hence to write something related to the same topic made me conscious.Finally shedding my inhibitions about my writing skills I am just going to tell you about my two friends who fell in love, struggled to get a parent approval and then the  two finally got married.

South meets the West, Mallu guy and Marathi gal.

I was the last one in the group  who came to know about their relationship and the most surprised one as well. During the last days of our graduation, the gang suddenly had only one topic to gossip about. What started off as a gossip later on was a very important episode of our lives.Life after college changes and also changes our perspective about life.
 I am a big fan of Friends, why well to answer that 'why' I will have to write a separate article but to give you a jist, I love them for the sense of togetherness in that friendship. "Ill be there for you" irrespective of anything.

Somewhere, getting these two lovers together became the glue that made our gang stick together as well. Getting parental approvals for this marriage was a campaign all of us remember. Getting the world know that, Yes our friends were in love and they deserved each other was a campaign we all took oaths for to make it successful.

And so we did!

Starting with the venue, the menu card. the decoration, the invitations, the rings, the grooms's outfit and not just the brides' outfit but what her aunt was going to wear was a subject of group discussion over the weekends.Funny time it was.

But frankly, all of us were shit scared.Common yaar it was a wedding we are planning not a booze party.To top it being from different cultures, the bride and the groom wanted a cocktail wedding. wherein there is some of the maharashtrian rituals and some of the mallu rituals taking place.

Finally after a lot of heated discussions, we had the haldi ceremony from the Marathi traditional kit and the wedding in a typical Mallu environment.We had a lot of fun in both those ceremonies without any major goof ups.. Phew Thankfully!

Taking charge of the entire ceremony made us feel very responsible in an very odd way.Though we all knew that the katta was leaving us, the night overs were leaving us, the secret trips to unknown and unnamed waterfalls were leaving us but yet we all were happy because we realized that this is also one phase of life we all going to cherish.

26th January, 2010 we got our friends Sagesh and Chaitali married. Almost after five months of their wedding
I write this blog and kick out all the apprehensions people ever had about them. They are happily married and now the Nirvana's have a new home where they can go any point of time and chill out and have loads of fun and start making new memories.

Dedicating this post to Sag/Chaitu, I wish them a healthy and a happy married life ahead!


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