Hello..uh..Sorry wrong number!

This is one line I can bet blindly onto that many of us have said at least once in their entire lifetime. Actually it will be more than once for sure, just being pessimistic here. Especially when you are awaiting an important call you get a call asking, kya mein yadav ji se baat kar raha hoon????:) 

There was a time I had got one call, the person was asking me the price of 5 liters of cow milk:) He thought I owned a dairy, I wish. Then there was a person who inquired for some Mr. Patil. I declined politely for like 3 times but then the 4th time I said he has gone out of town for the next 30 days. I didn't get an inquiry again for MR. PATIL :)  Do let me know if you have received any such wacky calls. We can have a buzz discussion for the same:)

But it is a very rare incident that a wrong number turns out to be a very good friend of yours in the future. One busy Monday morning at work. Got an sms on my cell stating that the consignment has been loaded along with an invoice number please send an acknowledgment once you receive. Looking at the sms I felt it was a genuine sms just at a wrong number. Hence I replied back that you have smsed at a wrong number please resend at the correct one. 

A confused soul called back after sometime to know exactly what went wrong. The guy mentioned he was looking out for his boss and he had the right number but now suddenly it turned out to be wrong. After few minutes the clouds of confusion cleared and we hanged up. The day moved ahead. It was two days later he called back; kinda expected it since you know guys will be guys. That day when he called back I had the a typical reaction of a normal 21 year girl should have. Obviously I did not think very healthy of him at that point of time. Anyways, but then I did not let him know and not being rude to him, we introduced ourselves again. Like our career details and location details blah blah and of course the "Orkut ID".:)

Days passed into months and  we were on each other's friend list in orkut and yahoo and google. During that phase of time I was busy with my MCA ( Master of Computer Applications Degree) last year and was juggling between work and studies.Also, he had moved out of the country for work. The time difference between the countries built a good rapo between our chat timings. During each other work hours we would be online to say Hi!!! not much other than that since life was quite hectic then.

It took me 2 years to understand that the normal casual chats had turned into a bond. Be it just seeing the green available icon on G talk with his name suffixed ahead gave me company during my work frustrations or during my mom yapping in the background at home. 

We discussed, fought, teased, solaced each other over the keyboard of our desktops. In this tenure we both have spoken to each other probably just 5 to 6 times over the phone. That's it! 
Hey, and the best part it is we still haven't met and what future holds is an unknown tale but still it doesn't matter cause I am happy seeing the green bulb:)

Why I wrote about him? Well, he is one person who taught me never to be judgmental. Never make snap decisions about anybody be it good or bad. Give yourself and the person both a chance. Fair chance! You never know you can also find that green bulb to make you smile.

And also for the reason he has got engaged and I thought of buying him some present and he is out of India and it would cost me a ton to courier him anything and common guys its month end, I completely broke:) Kidding, Just wanted to give him a gift he can cherish life long. 

Friends apart from telling me about the wacky wrong numbers you have received I also want all of you all to share your special bonds with your chat friends. Technology today got us together through various chat messengers and social networking site then why not use them to cement the bonds. What say??? 

Hmmmmm,I know I know his name right??? Didn't you read, He is getting engaged guys...:) Motto is to spread smiles not to screw the soon to be groom up :) 


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