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Hello..uh..Sorry wrong number!

This is one line I can bet blindly onto that many of us have said at least once in their entire lifetime. Actually it will be more than once for sure, just being pessimistic here. Especially when you are awaiting an important call you get a call asking, kya mein yadav ji se baat kar raha hoon????:) 
There was a time I had got one call, the person was asking me the price of 5 liters of cow milk:) He thought I owned a dairy, I wish. Then there was a person who inquired for some Mr. Patil. I declined politely for like 3 times but then the 4th time I said he has gone out of town for the next 30 days. I didn't get an inquiry again for MR. PATIL :)  Do let me know if you have received any such wacky calls. We can have a buzz discussion for the same:)
But it is a very rare incident that a wrong number turns out to be a very good friend of yours in the future. One busy Monday morning at work. Got an sms on my cell stating that the consignment has been loaded along with an invoice number ple…


This is one topic I wanted to discuss, share or write about since the thought of blogging occured to me. But then I wanted to potray it out in a different style or something which the world has not read before.
Since the very famous Chetan bhagat has his latest creation based on the same topic.Yep, Two States.

 Two indviduals from Two different cultures in love with each other. A tale told with great enthusiasm and good sense of humour. Hence to write something related to the same topic made me conscious.Finally shedding my inhibitions about my writing skills I am just going to tell you about my two friends who fell in love, struggled to get a parent approval and then the  two finally got married.

South meets the West, Mallu guy and Marathi gal.

I was the last one in the group  who came to know about their relationship and the most surprised one as well. During the last days of our graduation, the gang suddenly had only one topic to gossip about. What started off as a gossip later o…