So its like funny things keep happening with me and this is the latest.

I return home after a really tiresome day and finally find few minutes to talk to my friend before we get engaged in our daily household chores. So while I was still  giggling over something with her, my lil bro, Shree, stood in front of me with  terror written al over his face as if he had seen a ghost.

I asked  my friend to hold on and just raised an eyebrow towards shree enquiring his stunned faced. Since he is preparing for his exams I thought probably he might have realised that he is still miles aways from completing his syllabus and want my help over some study stuff.

But al he said, that there is a tiny lil rat in the house. I was like get lost, I'm on phone ill take care of you and the mouse later and turned back to my friend to complete my conversation.but he did not move a muscle.

If you want to loose weight do not join the gym get a small rat, mouse whatever you cal it and leave it in your house. The rat provides you the vigorous workout no gym in this world can offer you and that too free of cost.

For the next one hour i was running al over my house to catch the damn 2 inches black rat and i was not just running. I also had my mother,who as a normal practise yells at me al the time hence I'm used to her high pitch, running and jumping and yelling not to catch the rat and  throw it outside the house but to just divert it outside the house without hurting its hair.

I was like.........arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
I just stopped my chase and stared at her as to exactly how can she expect a cat chasing a rat and not eating it up. She said ''The rat  is the vehicle of Lord Ganesh, we cannot hurt him.'' While this statement made me think it gave the rat ample amount of time to slip away. And so my chase continued for another hour. Finally without hurting the rat i managed to show him the door out of the house.


When I could catch on my breath again after sometime, realised one thing. the importance of Indian Culture.
If it wasn't for my mom I would probably have slammed the broom on the rat, I am saying probably. Again it is not like that I get al the rats in my home, but still it made feel proud about belonging to this culture.

I am proud to be an Indian:)


  1. so m i...Indian all the way..cheers!!

  2. One doubt Hims , why will anyone ask you abt studies ??? :P ( Sudeep )

  3. Niceeeeeeeeee :).Next time theres a rat in my house im gonna cal u.--Prathmesh

  4. good job gal ....nice nice...u seeem thinner ;)


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