It was not a bad day after all….

Philosophers say if you are living you have something to learn every moment, just keep a window of your mind open to grasp some fresh thought. Now don’t ask me who said this but more or less philosophers conclude a similar thought.

Philosopher, that is a thinker of positive thoughts or logical thoughts, is not necessary a famous personality. A common man who faces the heat of life is a greater philosopher. He has faced the music, gone through the pain and have come out of it with a smiling face hence his philosophy is more proven I feel.

This weekend my convocation ceremony for masters was announced at the Fort University. Technically my visit to the ceremony was a complete waste if I had not met this girl in the train.

The students who had honors in respective subjects were the ones to be felicitated that evening and the rest of the student would receive the degree at their respective colleges, the university changed its rules this time else during my Degree convocation I was allowed to collect my certificate then and there, though not having honors ;) .

For my commute I had choosen the Mumbai lifeline, the local train to CST station. While boarding the train I had cursed almost all my friends and class mates for either being busy at work or not responding to my sms, if they were willing to join me to travel till Fort. Then I thought if the train is full I won’t board I’ll just go home and take a nap but then the trains were surprisingly on time and empty.

Fortunately I was carrying this novel I’m reading; the Monk who sold his Ferrari hence it helped me maintain a positive mood along the route. Each line of the book I have read so far is an inspiration and while finding motivation for myself entered these two very simple looking girls.

I felt due to the heat they were very tired and it seemed they had been shopping for a while. My hunch was right after overhearing their conversation I understood they were shopping for a colleagues’ new born baby. They carried out their chat while I kept overhearing them since I had nothing better to do. Their chats wandered from various topics like the April heat, the gifts they purchased for the kid and his mother hoping she would love them, and then one of them was cranky about travelling all the way to Cotton Green from Chembur. The other girl who was fair, slim and an average looking dressed in a nice cotton pink salwar kameez instantaneously stopped the other from nagging any further in one simple statement.

“One must travel at a farther distance at least once every fortnight it breaks the daily routine chain and gives life a new direction”

This statement not only stopped her companion from cribbing any further but also halted my brain for asking me why the hell you are travelling so far when you could have slept cozily in your bed.

While this episode was airing, the last paragraph I read from the book described how even the author Robin Sharma was confused how to apply the technique of Sages of Sivana in a day to day course. To which his Guru Julian explains,” your mind is a like a fresh garden with serenity all over, it’s you and your mind who decides what kind of thoughts you would like to entertain and if you wish to grow flowers in the garden or weeds.”

So I decided not to grump anymore and I was really travelling a far distance (ok don’t grill me by saying Chembur and CST is not to far… I mean it is a different course and a farther route than my usual day to day travelling which is like null since my office and home are at bare minimum distance of 2 kms.)

And to my surprise the evening was anything but boring. Firstly, I witnessed the Mumbai Universities’ convocation ceremony in the Jahangir Hall. The hall was very artistic. It felt as if you have entered a palace courtyard. Again magnificent piece of art built during the British reign. The award function was in progress where in all the students were getting gold medals for the achievements. A 75 year old granny also received one for Master of Art in Marathi with maximum score. Few students received three to four medals at once, I was like wow…

It was a different feeling especially on seeing majority of the girls achieving those gold medallions. Both the student in me as well as the women in me felt proud, very proud witnessing the changed visage of the society towards women education.

Then to my surprise and old classmate/friend called up saying he is also coming so felt good. Unfortunately the security didn’t let him enter the hall so again felt good on being a girl, yea cause it was easy for me to get in without any invitation; remember I’m not an honor student I was technically not suppose to be in the hall.

I left the ceremony in between without any regrets to join my friend who was meeting me after almost a year. It was nice. We briefed each other with the latest happenings of our life over a glass of juice. Later on walked to the CST station though it was humid it was lovely to pass by marveling the Asiatic Society of Bombay and its significance in many bollywood movies. The streets were empty since it was a Saturday evening and Mumbai Indian was playing at the Brabourne Stadium with the Deccan Chargers. The streets had to be empty.

We parted caught individual trains and again I was sent off in the same day to day course. The girl was so right I felt. Whenever you get a chance to travel off route do take that train you never know you might catch up with an old friend or meet a new thought which will make you conclude with a smile that hey not a bad day after all

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