a red rose:)

Recollecting the first time you received a rose especially a Red Rose :)????

I bet al the gals who read the title are now definitely lost in the moments of their red rose. Some gals might remember that one special red rose and some popular females might be taxing their brains really hard to count al the red roses:) they have received from their beloved ones.
Al of a sudden what made me count the red roses i received over the years ?

Well, the other day at work I wanted the contact details of some prospect hence I called in my colleague/friend to get the same. He mentioned the visiting card is in his drawer. I got the card but i also found few dried up roses petals in it.

Actually, before he joined in an ex-colleague/friend use to use that drawer. The dried up roses petal belonged to her. Almost a month back one Saturday morning she had entered in with a big read cheeked smile. I could witness  al the stars in the constellation in her eyes that morning.

On pestering her a lot she finally showed me the bright,fully bloomed dark red rose which she carefully pulled out of her purse. With al innocence possible she revealed that though a friend gave her, it was a her first red rose. She was like its for me!!!!

After flaunting it for the next few hours she kept it in the drawer. She doesn't work with us now but yesterday when I saw the roses petals i recolleted how special she felt that day, how special I had felt :)

In fact every gal feels amazing to get that red rose and specifically when it comes out of the blue,  from a person rather from the guy who you never thought would present you with a red rose then it is al the more special.

It is something very weired but a red rose just charms it way into our hearts making that moment of selecting the brightest red color in all its fresh form to present it to that special individual to see their eyes twinkle with affection.

The beauty of the Red Rose is that it never withers away because when someone gives you with so much of love you place it in a place where no entity can harm it. So that even after days pass, you forget about that lovely moment get used to your monotonous routine, and just in a jiffy if you come across the petals in a book or in a drawer :) you recollect again the sweet fragrance moment.

So pretty people, get to your closest florist and get the prettiest red rose for the prettiest person in your life to check that pretty smile on their pretty faces.


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  2. very well written ..and yeah that was an episode u mentioned...amazing day ......all of us have memories of recieving tat first red rose....i got mine wen i was in the 6th standard ...got scared and threw it alongwith teh card he gave on his face...then again in college...nice those days were, good gal u takes us all back to the memory lane......really good one..ohhhhh


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