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a red rose:)

Recollecting the first time you received a rose especially a Red Rose :)????

I bet al the gals who read the title are now definitely lost in the moments of their red rose. Some gals might remember that one special red rose and some popular females might be taxing their brains really hard to count al the red roses:) they have received from their beloved ones.
Al of a sudden what made me count the red roses i received over the years ?

Well, the other day at work I wanted the contact details of some prospect hence I called in my colleague/friend to get the same. He mentioned the visiting card is in his drawer. I got the card but i also found few dried up roses petals in it.

Actually, before he joined in an ex-colleague/friend use to use that drawer. The dried up roses petal belonged to her. Almost a month back one Saturday morning she had entered in with a big read cheeked smile. I could witness  al the stars in the constellation in her eyes that morning.

On pestering her a lot she…


So its like funny things keep happening with me and this is the latest.

I return home after a really tiresome day and finally find few minutes to talk to my friend before we get engaged in our daily household chores. So while I was still  giggling over something with her, my lil bro, Shree, stood in front of me with  terror written al over his face as if he had seen a ghost.

I asked  my friend to hold on and just raised an eyebrow towards shree enquiring his stunned faced. Since he is preparing for his exams I thought probably he might have realised that he is still miles aways from completing his syllabus and want my help over some study stuff.

But al he said, that there is a tiny lil rat in the house. I was like get lost, I'm on phone ill take care of you and the mouse later and turned back to my friend to complete my conversation.but he did not move a muscle.

If you want to loose weight do not join the gym get a small rat, mouse whatever you cal it and leave it in your hous…

It was not a bad day after all….

Philosophers say if you are living you have something to learn every moment, just keep a window of your mind open to grasp some fresh thought. Now don’t ask me who said this but more or less philosophers conclude a similar thought.

Philosopher, that is a thinker of positive thoughts or logical thoughts, is not necessary a famous personality. A common man who faces the heat of life is a greater philosopher. He has faced the music, gone through the pain and have come out of it with a smiling face hence his philosophy is more proven I feel.
This weekend my convocation ceremony for masters was announced at the Fort University. Technically my visit to the ceremony was a complete waste if I had not met this girl in the train.

The students who had honors in respective subjects were the ones to be felicitated that evening and the rest of the student would receive the degree at their respective colleges, the university changed its rules this time else during my Degree convocation I was allowed…