Jane kyun dil janta hai... tu hai toh il be alright!!

I love this song.... it is worth loving and I'm sure each one of us did dance to this tune.... probably for the foot tapping music or simply for the fact that it reminds you of that one special person who will be with you in need or in deed.

yes I'm going to tell you something about this special person in my life. al ears up and tongues wagging in for gossip, dont get you spirits so high people , im going to tell you al about my best friend and its a gal.. and no im not the ambassador of the 377 law section... so chill....

we have been together for almost for eight long years and i still cant believe that the base of our friendship was a lie. yea it was:P

actually, we were okish type of gal pals studying in the 11th std. it was then when the 12th std results were announced and i lied to her about my marks (due to the usually embarrassment to be faced after securing a low score),some how she caught me and it was that one line she said that made me be in love with her for eternity... "himshree, mujhse kyun jhut bola, mein teri dost hoon na...??" and that was declaration of a love bond to be into existence till we are alive.

both of us after which have enjoyed lot and as well as faced a lot music,but it was the togetherness that has made each moment of grief and joy special.

it not that we spend hours chatting everyday; but yes whenever anyone of us requires a punching bag or a shoulder to cry or just celebrate women's day/valentines day (with or without boy friends ;) ) or simply to tel each other that "babes it will al be alright" ; we stand by each other.

i guess this is what friends are for you simply say il be there for you without any conditions or after thoughts. just that one assurance from your friend or the special person that go ahead fly high with al your spirit even if you fall il catch you.

friends after a point of time are no longer those buddies with whom u can just hang out with, they become a part of your life experiencing your tears and your smiles.

hence guys and gals, al the materialistic things will always throw tantrums at you which you require to resolve every now and then but then be sure you always have that one human friend around to whom you can sing... jane kyun dil janta hai tu hai toh il be alright!!... :)

and if you have one go rush to your friend and say thanks for being there for you as i have mine with me and i thank her profusely,
Thanks Saumya :)

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