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Al the enthusiasm just rushes back in your feet the moment your friends call up and says, "Chuck everything out we are meeting at the katta today at 5, be there on time else you will sponsor today's treat. Now move fast."

The work files pending on your desk just got completed with maximum efficiency and your bike just races the prime time traffic to reach the Katta:)

Each one of us has that one special place in our lives which has its importance felt even when you grilled under the burden of life trauma. After a long holiday or a business trip, the moment you drop you luggage in your living room you say home sweet home, coz it just feels good to be back to the place your belong, you grow, you cry and where you laugh in spite of anything.

The katta is also a similar place just a slight difference instead of coming to relax you intend to go there to create new stories and new mischiefs with your friends.

I am very sure at some point in your life there might have been one such …

Happily ever after!

I have just started blogging and all I am getting are warnings instead of support. Yeah people are like Hims, you still have to get married, and what if your would-be-honey reads it out? You will be doomed, since he would know the things which are taboo for the Indian husband to know.


I mean its weird how life at twenty four especially for girls (I don’t know if this is the same case with boys hence would just speak for my girl pals) just simply revolves around the buzz word Marriage.

I mean who thought writing a blog and getting married were any where related. Gosh!

So what if I write in the mistakes or the fun I had in the past 24 years, does that change the person I am today? Is the 21st century Indian male still under the influence of the age old cynical thoughts that I am allowed to do anything and everything but my wife should be al pure? No bad thoughts, no bad habits and no bad deeds for my WIFEee. I won’t go into the depths of explaining what is bad; it is left onto ind…

Jane kyun dil janta hai... tu hai toh il be alright!!

I love this song.... it is worth loving and I'm sure each one of us did dance to this tune.... probably for the foot tapping music or simply for the fact that it reminds you of that one special person who will be with you in need or in deed.

yes I'm going to tell you something about this special person in my life. al ears up and tongues wagging in for gossip, dont get you spirits so high people , im going to tell you al about my best friend and its a gal.. and no im not the ambassador of the 377 law section... so chill....

we have been together for almost for eight long years and i still cant believe that the base of our friendship was a lie. yea it was:P

actually, we were okish type of gal pals studying in the 11th std. it was then when the 12th std results were announced and i lied to her about my marks (due to the usually embarrassment to be faced after securing a low score),some how she caught me and it was that one line she said that made me be in love with her for eternity.…

why Nirvana....!!

Nirvana was an American rock band that was formed by singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. Nirvana went through a succession of drummers, the longest-lasting being Dave Grohl, who joined the band in 1990.

Everyone knows this......
then is it that i like them a lot.... hence the blog name...and you guessed it... Wrong...

to be very frank enough i haven't heard any song of nirvana till date... :P

cutting the suspense... it is the name my gang... 9 people (originally; now some meet some dnt...not discussing the grief...remember the motto is to spread smiles... so i continue)

as mentioned the name my group, no dnt worry out of the nine musketeers it was only one member who was in love with the nirvana... back then and that is like 5-6 years back..during the start of our graduation years bunch of us with different mindsets with different ideologies (none of us had any back then...we realise it now when we al are matured eno…

About time!

yea about time i shared my experiences with the world...

actually not just my experiences... it would be a box full of memories from my life and the lives of the people who are attached to me.

my friends, my family. my colleagues..... dnt worry im not joining the brandwagon of Me, My and Myself.... it is jus that i happen to know people who have intresting endeavours with life and do not have the time to share it out....or rather write it out...

being my first experience in writing out in public my thoughts and writing would be immautre hence kindly bare with me.

all im trying to say is... im just goin to pin out few points which i experience in my day to day routine which will help spread smiles :)