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Wine Review: Charosa Vineyards Shiraz 2013

Wine Name: Charosa Vineyards

Type: Shiraz- 2013

Color: Dark Dark Blackish Red

Aroma: Woody (the barrels work their magic)

Taste: Spicy

Chill: For half hour before serving.

Spl Note: Gets yummier after a little bit of oxidation that's when the woody flavor is elevated.

Food Pairing: This is a excellent compliment to hot spicy food. Oh the spiciness dances on your palate but have cheese-cherry-pineapple in between no to cut the spicyness but to refresh the palate so that you can savor the toasty aroma of the barrels.

What we Loved: is the rich aroma and spiciness which cuts through all the fruits.

Price: Rs. 800/- in Mumbai,Maharashtra (Prices may vary)

Mom's Fish Curry Rice

I will soon be thirty four and started cooking seven to eight years back. And yes, you guessed it right, I started cooking because I got married. Lame reason but that's the truth. Most of the cooking basics my husband taught me and not ashamed to accept that either.

Though majority of Indian girls are still fighting right to education, right to work, right to be safe some of us girls were blessed to enjoy privileges given to us by our progressive parents. Once such privilege was off, आयते जेवायला बसायचे  thats is to sit for a scrumptious meal at your disposal.

When staying with mom you always get a hot meal at any hour of the day. Marathi moms also serve an array of beautiful shivya as an entree but for the love filled degustation to follow, utna chalta hai. One such meal I always miss is her fish curry and rice. In fact every Konkani kid who has grown up eating the goan or malvani fish curry will return home for it.

I have tried to replicate her recipe since the past three years…

The Gourmet Shikhran

There is absolutely nothing very great about Shikhran yet every marathi kid holds a special affection towards Shikhran.

Shikhran or Banana Custard (if I may call it so) is a assembly of ripe Banana smash into some cold milk with some sugar and drizzled with cardamom powder. 
Yes that's it. So how will you make a simple Shikhran, MasterChef worthy. 
Let me show you how 😉
6 Riped Bananas 3 tbsp of Sugar  2 tbsp of Milk 2 spoons of Coconut milk 1 cup of Fresh cream 1 cup of sliced pistachios Some Chia seeds Some strands of kesar Drizzle of honey Pinch of Cardamom powder
Step 1: Smash those ripe bananas into a bowl, add sugar, milk and cream. Whip it well, till it forms like mousse like consistency. Add cardamom powder and mix. Keep it aside.
Step 2: Soak the kesar strands in coconut milk till it gets a golden hue. Also, slice the pistachios as fine as possible. 
Step 3: Presentation is the key here so you can layer up like biryani or just mix kesar mixture and t…

Kid Friendly Pumpkin Tomato Basil Soup.

When I mean kid friendly, it means it's

Healthy,Nutrients RichCalorie Densebut it's never a guarantee that your kid will like it because we mothers know what works on one kid might not work on other. 😅but still posting because we mothers need to keep trying.😋 

Plus a perfect Halloween Pumpkin Soup Recipe

So let's begin.
Pumpkin : 500 gms Tomatoes: 4 riped  Potatoe: 1 medium (You can also replace it with sweet potato of desired)  Carrots: 2 small Fresh Basil : Handful  Onion: 1 big Olive Oil: 3 tbsp Tomato Puree: 2 -3 tbsps Seasoning: Black Pepper, Sugar and Salt. Coconut milk for garnish 
1. Clean, Peel, Chop vegetable into rough chunks. 2. In a small pressure cooker, saute all the vegetables in Olive Oil until soft.  3. Add some seasoning of salt and sugar. Stir and pressure cook with some water (1 cup) for about three whistles.  4. Once pressure cooker cools off, finely blend the entire mixture in a mixer or with help of hand blender. 5. Pass the mi…

Bhavnagari Sabji aka Kande Ghati Bhaji

ब्लॉगचे नाव वाचून थोडे विचित्र वाटले असेल ना? जीवन रक्षक भाजी ? आता हा काय प्रकार आहे ??? असे झाले असेल, हो की नाही ? गांगरून जायचे कारण नाही; हे जीवन रक्षण पुरुषांसाठी  आहे " So rest of the clan can chill"

तर जेवणाची आणीबाणी आणी पुरुष हे अतीसामान्य समीकरण आहे. लग्न झालेले असो किंवा नसो पुरुषांच्या आयुष्यात जेवण बनवायची आणिबाणी नेहमीच येते. मी देखील ह्या आणीबाणीला अपवाद नाही. तर झाले असे की ऑफिसच्या कामनिमित्त माला कुवैत देशात जाण्यास सांगितले, साधारण २००७ साल असावे. मी  नेहमीच्या प्रवासाच्या सवयीने सूखा-नाश्ता म्हणून गाठे, कुरमुरे काही मॅगीची १-२ पाकिटें बॅगेत ठेवली होती. प्रवास उत्तम झाला पण रात्री हॉटेलवर पोहोचण्यास उशीर झाला आणि मॅगीची पाकिटें त्याच रात्री संपली, असो..... दूसरा दिवस मजेत गेला, दुपारच्या जेवणाची सोय कंपनीने केली त्यामुळे काही त्रास झाला नाही. रात्रीच्या जेवणाची सोय माझी मलाच करायची होती. हॉटेल मधले जेवण महाग पड़ते म्हणून मी बाहेर जाण्याचा निर्णय घेतला. बाहेर पडताच एका गल्लीमधे खुप सारी हॉटेल्स दिसली, त्यातल्या त्यात एक छानसे हॉटेल बघून मी तिथे स्थिरावलो. …

Sustainable Food Choices-aka-Go Traditional

We like it when traditional foods, clothes and lifestyle choices trend on our social media feeds but rarely do we actually put them into action even though we are aware of the benefits it will bring to our lives. 

In today's article I will be discussing Traditional Food Habits which have helped me attain a better, happier and healthier version of myself. No, I am not discussing weight loss tips and tricks though most of concepts coupled with a regular exercise regimen may also aid weight loss of course it will solely depend on individual preference and body adaptability. We will be discussing traditional food habits which our forefathers religiously practised and they still hold true in today’s frantic age where we are in dire need of sustainable options to survive. We have been ignoring these concepts because of modern day fads and corporate marketing strategies. If we want a healthy generation, who are invariably always looking up to social media and google for #lifegoals #fashio…

Thirthy Three Thoughts at 33!

Life is neither short nor long, it is NOW!Time changes by the second, now it is good and now your world is just upside downPlans always fail because they are meant to fail.Having said the above, always oh! always have a Plan B! and if required a Plan C.Clothes are meant to Fit you, not the other way around.People will body shame at all sizes thus learn to ignore.Your body should be fit to house your excitement hence learn to respect and take care of it very early.People change thus status quo of relationships change ergo life situations change. Thus Learn to Adapt.If life is about getting those tick marks against the bucket List items it is also about erasing a few items so that you can live one for a bit longer.One should fall in Love at least once in their lifetime.Love, Relationships, Marriages, Divorces, Live -in, Breakups, are just between those two people not for anyone's tea time discussion. Period.Personal Space laws also apply to Chat Conversations.Adults are supposed to …

Happy Diwali 2018

Diwali is just right around the corner hence every afternoon I see a rainfall at window as most of the Indian homes go on their annual clean-my-house-episode during this time and hence most of thet prefer washing their windows before they set up the lights and the lanterns.
You can read more about such small and largeDiwali Traditions Here
For me, Diwali is still about lots of beautiful house decor and lot, lots of diyas in the house. Not to mention the #desifashiondays where pull out my vibrant sarees and make my hubby "The Instagram Husband" :) I do not burst crackers and after becoming a mother hate them all the more.
Though I admit after becoming a mother I have also cut down on the diyas in the house just out of fright of my toddler getting attracted to them like Firefly. Decoration has gone minimal because I can imagine my little torpedo wrecking them up and in turn hurting thy self. Yet I still do some decor to lighten a corner of the house up so as to make it feel f…